InPDUM postpones convention to accomodate explosion in growth!

As a result of an explosion of growth in the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) worldwide, the InPDUM Executive Committee (IEC)  is announcing the postponement of our international convention that was slated for September 29-30, 2012 in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Through the leadership and spirit of the African People’s Socialist Party’s One People, One Party, One Destiny (OPOPOD) campaign, the IEC is determined to hold a different kind of convention, one that will be a turning point in InPDUM’s history.
We plan to hold a convention with the full organizational capacity to meet the demands of this period as the masses of African workers are clamoring to come into organized political life and take the reins of their own destiny.
The OPOPOD campaign has mandated that all organizations under the Party’s leadership place scientific methods of recruitment at the forefront of our agendas and create the iron-clad infrastructure to bring thousands of new members into a highly functioning organization.
The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement has been entrusted by the Party with the task of being the mass front of the African Revolution.
For the past 21 years, InPDUM has taken up scores of campaigns in defense of the democratic rights African people.
We have fought for justice for hundreds of victims of police violence around the world, fought against predatory slumlords and colonial school systems and in defense of our children who have been subjected to the brutal foster care industry.
Today, under the OPOPOD campaign, InPDUM is shifting from a campaign-based organization into a power base of the African Revolution.
We are following the mandate of Chairman Omali Yeshitela to transform from a defensive stance into an offensive position based on the participation of thousands of members around the world.
InPDUM is taking up our mandate to make sure that no African “falls through the cracks.” We are building a “Protect and Defend our Own” campaign that reaches out to every sub-group of the African population to come home under the banner of the African Revolution—from African women to the African gay, lesbian and transgender community, to students, teachers, veterans, seniors, workers, mothers of police murder victims and more.
All must assume their true African identity and find their place and safe haven in the African Revolution.
In order to meet this mandate we have a lot of work to do! We need the next several months to build our infrastructure in the areas of our membership process, branch building and economic development.
We must learn the science of recruitment, build the Membership and Sustainable Funding program and implement the Point of Entry process.
We have to concretize our economic programs and update our website and recruitment materials.
We need to learn to move globally as one, giving strong leadership to branches around the world, according to the slogan of “Touch One! Touch All!”
Comrades, in order to build the infrastructure and hold a powerful convention that will be a real turning point for our organization, we need your participation, no matter where you are located on the planet.
We are calling on all InPDUM members everywhere to contribute your efforts to make InPDUM the most powerful mass revolutionary African organization since the Garvey Movement!
We are proposing that the convention be held in March 2013, but we have not yet selected the date. We are calling on you to sign up to be part of building both the InPDUM infrastructure and the convention itself.
In the OPOPOD movement-wide meeting on Sunday, August 5, we will announce our plans for a meeting to build the 2013 InPDUM convention and the role you can play in this.
Every African on board to build the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement!


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