InPDUM Philly hits the streets to bring the voice of the African Revolution to the people.


Philadelphia, PA—The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) does outreach, bringing African Internationalism to the people!
Aboard the Broad Street train, InPDUM members conduct The Burning Spear newspaper sales.
Through this work, local news stories can be seen from the perspective and interests of the African working class, something that won’t be found in the major newspapers.
Later that day, InPDUM members attend the Avenging the Ancestors Coalition memorial of African slaves who suffered in the white house under George Washington and others.
Every December 15, the Avenging the Ancestors Coalition (ATAC) holds a memorial, named the President’s House/Slavery Memorial project, for slaves that were held in bondage in the White House and all others enslaved in the U.S.
Outreach continues in Philly to bring voice to the most oppressed and exploited sectors of the African world.
It is just a matter of time before the revolutionary ideals expressed here become a material force that will destroy imperialism and liberate Africa and her children dispersed throughout the world.


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