InPDUM London: Jail the killer cops!

LONDON—The killing of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, father of six, in Tottenham, North London on August 4, 2011 is but one of a series of police murders in the black community.
There have been 16 known Africans slayed in the UK since the year 2000, with not a single police officer convicted of these atrocities.
The police know that they are covered by a policy of impunity when they are in the black community. The black community also knows that there is no justice in the hands of the British colonial ruling class as established by the perverse verdict at Mr. Duggan’s inquest.
The jurors unanimously agreed that he was unarmed when shot twice by unidentified police officer, known only as V53, yet they decided by 8-2 vote that Mr. Duggan was lawfully killed.
Economic development, not police containment!
British society suffers from a selective and collective amnesia. How can anyone in this society call Africans thieves, criminals and thugs when it’s our labor and resources being stolen to build this country!
Placed in imposed economic strangulation, the black community is under siege of the illegal drug economy that the government places on us.
British society is in no position to address the black community on morality.
From refusal to pay Africans reparations, to corrupt judges accepting cash for tailor-made legislations; members of parliament fiddling their expenses and lining their own pockets with the people’s monies; money laundering banksters; corporations not paying their taxes, to the corrupt press hacking peoples phones and reporting lies, as well as the police accepting bribes from the press as well as selling drugs.
Every effort, every avenue of public domain must be engaged to equip our community with a clear program for action to change our miserable existence characterized by economic poverty, police oppression and massive imprisonment. We must discover our mission and fulfill it.
1. We need to build the British front of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), capable of mobilizing and organizing our community around its strategic interests in this country and around the world;
2. We demand the arrest on suspicion of murder of all police officers who have killed members of the black community;
3. We demand reparations to the families who have lost loved ones after contact with the police or in police custody;
4. We call for the immediate disarming of the police in the black community;
5. We demand a stop to the illegal drugs imposed on the black community;
6. We demand genuine economic development for the black community; and
7. We are calling on the non-African population; Europeans, Asians and others in this country to unite with our demands to end police containment of the black community, and to support genuine economic development of the black community.
What can you do?
Join InPDUM London and work for justice for those slain by the police!
Mobile: 07723 067 486
Facebook: 'InPDUM London'
Twitter: 'InPDUM London'
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