InPDUM leader displaced by fire

On Sunday, January 22, InPDUM International Membership Coordinator Victory Allah's Newark, NJ apartment caught on fire. This tragic occurrence forced Victory and his daughter out on the streets.

Victory expected to receive sufficient government assistance to make a smooth transition to a new apartment. But with the U.S. government being the parasitic force that it is, the reality has been the complete opposite.

The Red Cross only put Victory and his daughter up for three days in a hotel.

Victory was then referred to Newark Emergency Services. All he received from that agency was a daily shower schedule for the homeless and the run around looking for relocation funds from different charities. Of course these charities all told Victory that they didn't have funding.

As for residency, Victory tried shelters, but he was asked to submit half of his income monthly to live in a shelter! It was explained to him that welfare pays $1300 a month to house families. Because he is employed Victory would be responsible to pay that amount out of his pocket. That left him to rely on family and local comrades for shelter. As times are hard for everybody, no one has room to accommodate Victory and his daughter for an extended period.

This hardship has tremendously undermined Victory’s ability to carry out his responsibilities as Membership Coordinator. This crisis has occurred in the midst of a critical stage of InPDUM’s development.

In the recent period we have experienced a growth in membership that we attribute to the recruitment strategy driven by Victory’s office. Just last week, InPDUM won 3 new forces from areas where InPDUM branches don't exist.

Why Victory’s stability is so important

Victory is a rock for InPDUM.

He consistently chaired the weekly branch-building meetings that are attended by InPDUM organizers from throughout the world. These meetings provide tactical leadership to all of our local InPDUM membership coordinators in the process of forwarding the overall InPDUM recruitment and branch building process.

At the same time Victory is responsible for the first organizational presence InPDUM has had in Newark in its history.

We need Victory freed up to carry out his duties for the organization so that we can continue on the trajectory of development we have achieved.

Although Victory’s old landlord has returned his security deposit to him, he still doesn’t have enough money to rent a new place. He needs $1,800 more.

We must help Victory so that he can continue to help us!

We are calling on all members and supporters of InPDUM and the Uhuru Movement to come to Victory’s aid. We need to raise the $1,800 as soon as possible so that he can obtain an apartment for himself and his daughter.

If you are able to make a contribution towards this effort with a
credit/debit card please click the button below

Donate with WePay

If you prefer you can send a cashier’s check or money order to InPDUM’s headquarters at:

PO Box 12841
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Make checks out to InPDUM.

Make a note that the money is for the “Victory Fund.”

For questions please call 215-459-7551 or email


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