In “The Land of Disney” police shoot 23 year old Tavon Grayson 8 times

Join September 29 demonstration in front of Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, Florida
ORLANDO, FL—On Tuesday, July 19, 2014, 23-year-old Tavon Grayson was gunned down in a downtown Orlando, Florida parking lot. Five Orlando cops have been implicated in the near fatal shooting of Grayson who was hit a total of eight times, including once in the head.
So despite being the home of the make-believe, fantasy Disney World, the reality for African people in the city of Orlando, Florida is no different from that of Africans in Ferguson, Missouri where the white police murdered Mike Brown, or in Sanford, Florida where the white vigilante, George Zimmerman murdered Travon Martin in cold blood.
On that warm summer night, all Tavon set out to do was have a little fun with his friends at the downtown Beechum Night Club. Instead, when attempting to leave the club, police fired their weapons while he was inside his car and continued to fire at him once they dragged him from the vehicle.
The police are using the usual excuse: they were in fear of their life. They say Tavon was trying to run over them, even as the car was riddled with bullets from both sides and the rear.
Since that fateful July 19 night, Tavon spent four weeks in the Orange County Hospital, much of it spent in intensive care as surgeries were needed for the eight gunshot wounds.
After doing a patch-up medical job on Tavon, they transferred him to the infirmary at the local jail where medical treatment is near non-existent.
Although Tavon can’t use the restroom by himself, they expect him to clean and care for his wounds with a bottle of medicated soap furnished by the jail.
Now, three months since the shooting, Tavon lies gravely ill in a jailhouse infirmary bed with no bail.
And they are using an obscure Florida law called the “Anti-Murder Act” to hold Tavon without bond.They also caim he violated his probation for being arrested.
The "Anti-Murder Act" is based on a theory that the State is preventing a murder by keeping a "suspect" locked up if they have ben accused of violent offense.
In other words, the State cannot justify shooting Tavon without accusing him of a crime. Guilt or innocense has nothing to do with it. That is why there are more than a million young African men in U.S. prisons today.
Ordinarily, Tavon would have been just another African victim of police violence while they prepare a prison cell for him even though he has committed no crime.
But what is different now, is that magnificent display of courage and struggle by African people in Ferguson, Missouri.
A struggle and fight back against the same colonial army, called the police, that is responsible for the near murder, and now imprisonment of Tavon Grayson.
Ferguson’s lesson is that if we struggle and win in Ferguson then we can win in Orlando.
That is why Tavon’s mother, Latanya Magwood has contacted the African People’s Socialist Party and as a result has organized the Committee to Free and Defend Tavon Grayson.
At present, the Committee is focussed on Tavon's immediate  unconditional release to address his dire medical condition.
September 29 Demonstration
On Monday, September 29, the Committee to Free and Defend Tavon Grayson will be holding a demonstration in front of the Orange County Courthouse where Tavon will be attending a bail hearing. The demonstration will begin at 8:00 am at 425 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, Florida.
The Committee has also developed goals and demands. There immediate goals are as follows:
1. Free Tavon! Call Judge Robert Evans of Orange County Court at 407-8362336 and demand Tavon's immediate release.
2. We demand the police report! We are asking our supports to call into the Orlando Police Department at 407-836-3400 and demand the report on the attempted murder of Tavon Grayson.
3. Jail the Shooter Cops! Call Orange County Distrct Attorney at 407-836-2400 and demand that the 5 cops involved in the shooting of Tavon Grayson be immediately arrested and charged with attempted attempted murder and official oppression.
For more information and to contribute to defense efforts contact:  Mrs. Magwood at 407-274-1397.
Free Tavon Grayson!

Uhuru Movement's Diop Olugbala challenges OPD townhall meeting! Justice for TaVon Grayson!

Uhuru Movement's Diop Olugbala challenges Orlando police department townhall meeting

Family of Orlando PD Shooting Victim Gets Organized with Uhuru Movement!

At a rally held to protest violence in the black community, the family of Tavon Grayson spoke. Tavon's family, along with members of the Uhuru Movement, called on the people at the rally to join in the growing movement against police brutality and occupation of the African community.

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