In Belle Glade, Florida another brother shot dead by the police

BELLE GLADE, FL.––A 19-year-old named Henry Bennett was driving in Belle Glade, FL around 11 a.m. on Saturday January 16, 2016 with his girlfriend Alexia Humphrey when deputy Andrew Cano pulled them over.

 Humphrey stated that there has been no reason given as to why she and Bennett were stopped by the pigs.

 The traffic stop ended with Bennett being shot several times in the back by Palm Beach thug Cano.     

 The Palm Beach sheriffs office (PBSO), along with the local media, have been relentless in their lies and assassination of Bennett's character in order to validate the pig's narrative.

 Humphrey has made it very clear that he never had a gun and most certainly did not point one at the murderer who took his innocent life.

 Bennett's life was innocent despite what the white-ran news outlets are saying.

 Bennetts sister stated, He's not that type of person, the person they are trying to make him out to be––like a thug.

 Henry Bennett––who was named after his grandfather––is said to have been a loving and kind "people person.

 Bennett's family and community are overtaken with grief and anger over this tragedy. The family was the first to point out that the wounds on Bennett's body were inconsistent with the pig's story which stated that Bennett turned to face and point a gun at Cano.

Bennett's neighbor, Alessa Jones, reported trying to save the brother's life through CPR but was ordered to stop and "get back" by the pigs. The pigs wanted Henry Bennett dead.

 The African community in Belle Glade are filled with a very righteous and legitimate anger, yet uncle Tom preachers like Willie Lawrence of the Glade Area Ministerial Association are working as the colonizer's lapdog and urging the people to remain passive in the face of their own genocide.

 Willie Lawrence defended the PBSO at a MLK event and insisted that we––the African community––are our own problem.

 Lawrence had the nerve to call the toxic pig presence in Belle Glade's African communities "a partnership to make our communities more wholesome.

 This petty bourgeoisie African must be on the pig's payroll. The African people of Belle Glade do not feel safe with the pigs in their communities.

 A call for a citizen's review board was denied in September. It's obvious that Palm Beach county officials are accessories in the genocide taking place against Africans in the community.

 When a group of people––especially men and women of child bearing age––are targeted and murdered by another group or government, it's genocide.

 We want justice for Henry Bennett. We want an end to the genocide against our people.

 Visit to petition the UN to charge the U.S. government with crimes of genocide against African people!

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