Human fossils: White people still “discovering” us in Africa

JOHANNESBURG–Humanity, the history of humankind and human societies owes its existence to the land of Africa. The recent discovery of fossils 40 metres beneath the earth in the Rising Star cave, just 50 km from Johannesburg, South Africa confirms this fact.

Fifteen-hundred undated pieces belonging to 15 primates were discovered. Scientists named them Homo Dinaledi, (star in seshoto, one of the languages spoken in South Africa).

It will not be certain until scientific dating is done whether these findings are not just another sample of Homo erectus, one of the species who preceded Homo sapiens or modern humans.

It is unacceptable that a capable team of African scientists did not lead this discovery on our own soil.

Those scientists from the oppressor white nation (U.S., UK, South Africa etc), who have no loyalty to the Africa nation or the African revolution, did not connect these findings to the magnificent history of ancient Zimbabwe, ancient Ghana, Nubia, and the peak ancient times of Egypt with the Imhotep, Tutankhamen and others.

They, instead, parade themselves in front of international media as if this were not our history.

These new findings, nonetheless,  remind us that human development was a natural process in Africa, from the emergence of monkeys some 14 million years ago  to the appearance of Homo sapiens, 200,000 years ago.

Europe was never a cradle of human development and all attempts by imperialist ideologues to place the origin of humanity outside Africa have failed.

The colonizers’ lies are on public display, uncovered for the world to see.

The history of humanity is a history of Africa. Africa is where the separation between animals with consciousness and animals without consciousness was acquired and developed.

This means that history of humankind in Europe, in Asia, Americas, Middle East and elsewhere, is an African history.

The decolonisation of Africa‘s history and knowledge depends on the end of the colonization of Africa.

The end of the colonization of Africa depends on the worldwide African Revolution and the unification of Africa under the leadership of the African Socialist International (ASI).

Reclaiming Africa means completing the black revolution. It means creating a single revolutionary African State, with a scientific and technological commission of the best African scientists and scholars from all fields.

It means replacing neocolonial curriculums with a curriculum that places the continuous scientific and cultural development of Africa in line with the best of our history and culture from ancient times to present times.

Reclaiming Africa means eradicating the colonial borders, our oppressors never respect.

We must build the ASI everywhere!

We must organise African workers and poor peasants everywhere for the completion of the African revolution and the creation of a single African government.

We must build the capacity to put African scientists to work. We must train new African scientists to equal the ambition of the African proletarian and stand tall in the ASI’s march to build a new world order.

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