Historic victory for African self-determination! Uhuru Furniture stores in Oakland, CA and Philadelphia, PA celebrate 30th and 25th anniversaries!

In this 30th year of Uhuru Furniture in Oakland and the 25th year in Philadelphia, we celebrate the brilliant strategy of Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) of building dual and contending power institutions, programs and organizations to empower the African working class to break the deadly dependency imposed by colonialism and build an independent, liberated economy—the only basis for genuine self-determination for the African Nation. 

Uhuru Furniture has thrived for 30 years—a historic victory for the worldwide African liberation movement!

While many other small businesses closed in the 2008 recession, Uhuru Furniture survived, built on the support of our community including thousands of shoppers, donors, volunteers and friends.

The Party believes deeply in the people as the real makers of history, and always struggles that the African working class, the most oppressed and downtrodden sector of the population, deserves the finest quality, the best of the best.

In the footsteps of the powerful African leader Marcus Garvey, the Party is building the capacity of the African working class to seize power. 

In 2019 when African people throughout the world experience greater levels of hunger, homelessness, police terror, mass imprisonment, gentrification, poverty and early death than ever before, Uhuru Furniture stores bring to life the African People’s Education and Defense Fund’s Mission for African self-determination (APEDF.org). 

Uhuru Furniture stores are part of the strategy of the APSP to transform these conditions, to win African self-reliance and create self-government through building over 50 institutions to feed, clothe, house and employ our people.

Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles (UFC) is part of the Black Power Blueprint Project which uplifts our community by building cultural and economic hubs. 

Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela took the reins of all the Party’s economic work in 2011 and immediately brought professionalism, style and the science and spirit of African Internationalism to Uhuru Furniture and all the APEDF and Black Star Industries institutions. 

Deputy Chair Ona Zené has initiated many new economic projects including NZO, “African Styles at Home and Abroad” – unique home furnishings and accessories and Uhuru On the Move, a moving and hauling spin-off of Uhuru Furniture. 

Today Uhuru Furniture stores on both coasts serve thousands of customers a month; pick up and re-purpose thousands of tons of donated furniture annually; deliver furniture; hire and train staff, and through the Uhuru N2U program, provide volunteer opportunities to people of all nationalities who want to get involved in creating a positive future under African leadership. 

Both stores will be hosting major celebrations featuring APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela and Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela. 

Philadelphia UFC is holding three events at Uhuru Furniture, 832 N. Broad St. at Parrish, a Block Party on Saturday, July 20, a Buy Black Power Workshop on Sunday July 21 and a Victory Banquet also Sunday July 21 at 7pm

On Saturday July 20, the activities begin at noon including performances from local musicians, African drummers and dance, free face painting and balloon animals for kids, vendors, food, and discounts on furniture!

UFC is honored to feature Uhuru Movement founder and leader Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Pam Africa and MOVE 9 political prisoners Janet, Jeanine and Eddie Africa who each served over 40 years in prison, framed up by the City of Philadelphia, as well as other local and national activists.  

The Buy Black Power Mitandao Chama Networking Party is on Sunday July 21 at 1 pm for local black business owners, artists, vendors, designers and everyone who wants to participate in building an independent economy for African self-reliance. 

This event features a presentation by APEDF Board President Ona Zené Yeshitela who leads all the economic development work of the worldwide Uhuru Movement. 

Ona Zené stated “For 25 years Uhuru Furniture has carried on the legacy of Marcus Garvey and the vision of Omali Yeshitela to build institutions that contend with the unjust status quo and empower and uplift the African community to build our own economy in our own interest. 

We call on all our customers, donors and friends to join us in celebrating this historic victory for African self-determination”. 

That same night Sunday July 21 at 7 pm the Uhuru Furniture Victory Banquet features another presentation by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, an update on the Black Power Blueprint project in St Louis by DC Ona Zené Yeshitela, African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) leader Penny Hess, well known local percussionist Karen Smith, soulful singer Rug Rat, food and awards for community supporters and volunteers. Tickets $5-$25 are on sale at Uhuru Furniture and on eventbrite.com at UFC Philly Victory Banquet. 

Oakland UFC is holding a Victory Banquet on Friday, August 2 at Humanist Hall 390 27th st. featuring a keynote presentation by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, an update on Black Power Blueprint  by DC Ona Zené Yeshitela, music, spoken word and dinner and dessert by Uhuru Foods and Pies.

Saturday August 3 UFC is hosting an Open House 1-2 pm and a Sidewalk Sale all day with vendors, music and speakers at Uhuru Furniture 3742 Grand Ave Oakland, CA.   

APEDF calls on the Uhuru Movement worldwide and all our long-time friends, supporters and shoppers to get involved and celebrate this milestone victory for the African Revolution!!

See more details on all the upcoming events on TheBurningSpear.com Events Calendar.

For more information, contact Uhuru Furniture:
Oakland – uhurufurniture.blogspot.com, 510-763-3342
Philadelphia – uhurufurniturephilly.blogspot.com, 215-546-9616 

Send a message of congratulations to Uhuru Furniture! Enter a comment below or send an email to philly@uhurufurniture.org or oakland@uhurufurniture.org.


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