Haiti left open to be gravely impacted by the Coronavirus

HAITI—A local radio station based in the country’s capital, Port-Au-Prince, made an unclear announcement on Thursday, April 2, 2020 stating that the number of Africans confirmed to have coronavirus in Haiti will rise to 18.

This “announcement” is representative of the complete lack of information accessible to the people of Haiti, and the rest of the world, about how the case of COVID-19 is developing in the country.

Haiti was able to go without a single confirmed case until March 19, 2020, when it was reported that a Belgian man and a suspected French man who had been traveling brought coronavirus into the country.

Since then, it was reported that the suspected “French man” was actually one of Haiti’s natives and artists, ‘Roody Roodboy,’ who was known to be returning to Haiti after traveling to France for a concert.

Remaining updated on the case of the Coronavirus in Haiti is a full-time job.

Many of the journalists are scared to keep the people updated and criticize Haiti’s puppet President, Jovenel Moise, whenever necessary because they do not want to share the same fate as journalists Néhémie Joseph, Pétion Rospide and others who were found dead after criticizing Haiti’s neocolonial government.

Haiti’s neocolonial leaders are overwhelmingly silent and say next to nothing at all during the rare times they speak.

They are too afraid to admit to what the people already know: they are completely unprepared to protect the people from the projected threat of the Coronavirus.

They recognize that the general frustration of the people is already high and any contradiction can send the people in the streets.

This fear is due to the year-long resistance of the Africans in Haiti—where thousands of people marched in the streets non-stop—followed by two consecutive ‘Peyi Lòk’ (“locked country”) periods, each lasting for a minimum of three months.

From Peyi Lòk to Quarantine: Haiti in a state of permanent lockdown

Peyi Lòk was a complete shutdown of the entire country. All the schools were closed down, as well as many other businesses and institutions.

People of all groups, teachers, students, parents and etcetera, took to the streets immediately after learning about the misuse about the “Petro Caribe” funds by the neocolonial government.

Peyi Lòk only ended during the last week of February 2020, less than two weeks before the threat of the Coronavirus introduced the worldwide COVID-19 quarantine lockdown.

This means that Africans in Haiti had absolutely no time or other resources to prepare, rather, the quarantine doubled-down on the already existing lockdown.

Health workers at Haiti’s Port-Au-Prince-based government-run General Hospital, the largest health facility in the country, announced in early March 2020 that they are completely unprepared to handle any COVID-19 patients.

To be exact, they announced that the only thing they have ready is “200 beds.”

Today, while no new information has been released on the state’s preparedness to provide care for any forthcoming COVID-19 patients, there is ongoing propaganda advising the people to “stay home and wash your hands.”

This directive comes with no consideration, or possibly, with complete disregard, to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to “stay at home and wash your hands” when you live in a country with no electricity or running water.

The people of Haiti rely on going to the markets every single day, because we cannot rely on having a refrigerator that will keep our food fresh for use the next day.

We also rely on walking for miles daily to collect buckets of water for our homes.

Furthermore, given that the markets and street vendors are the backbone of the Haitian so-called “economy,” an order to “stay home” is essentially an order for us to “stay home and wait to die of starvation.”

The opportunists are foaming at their mouths for another “come up”

On the other neocolonial hand, some of Haiti’s frauds in office have decided to show the people that they are indeed aware of the struggle to access water, by purchasing a large order of customized buckets that display their name and/or title.

An example is one of Haiti’s senators, also a singer/entertainer, Gracia Delva, who has expressed interest in running for re-election.

They are preying on the vulnerability of the people who will vote for them because they did “good” for them.

The reality is that if these leaders really wanted to do good for the people, they would have built the kinds of infrastructure we need long ago.

We would not be in a situation where we depend on someone to “gift” us with buckets in order to meet the bare minimum necessary to take care of ourselves.

If that is not bad enough, we must remember that Haiti is the single country with the most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) per capita in the world; each year these organizations profit millions from Haiti’s so-called “poverty.”

Project Black Ankh is the only solution for Africans in Haiti!

Africans in Haiti need an organization that is genuine about not only helping us combat the Coronavirus, but also helping us liberate ourselves from all of the other colonial viruses that plague us every day.

The All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) is the only organization that can answer to the demands of the African poor and working class to be able to provide for and protect ourselves in times of crisis.

AAPDEP and its Project Black Ankh is the single organization asking for African people to turn our skills over for the betterment of the poor and working class sector of our African nation—the most impoverished, neglected, colonized and oppressed group of people in the world.

Individuals in Haiti are doing whatever “good deeds” they can think of to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but it will take way more than just a few sporadic “good deeds” for us to be a self-determining and self-governing people.

AAPDEP is calling on any African who wants to see a Haiti where a lack of electricity and running water is a thing of the past; where there are actual functioning hospitals with many more than just 200 beds; where medical advice is more than just “stay home and wash your hands” and certainly where any organization present responds to the needs of the people as opposed to feeding off of the people; to join and build Project Black Ankh! Self-determination in our lifetime!

Join the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project!





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