Greece gets no sympathy from big capitalism

LONDON–With a turnout of 62 percent of people eligible to vote, 61.3 5percent (3,558,450) of Greek people said no to the austerity plan imposed on them by the Western ruling class represented by European Central Bank (ECB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission (EC)— what the press refers to as the Troika.

On the 30th of June 2015, Greece failed to pay €1.5bn (1.5 billion euros) to IMF and its European lenders and another €3.5bn payment to the same predators by the 20th of July of this year. Between June 16 and 18, Greeks have withdrawn £1.4bn from banks, forcing the government to restrict cash withdrawals at ATMs to only €60.

If they can’t solve Greece’s debt problem of €323bn, with a small economy, worth $242bn (£154bn) which is less than 2 percent of European Union GDP, how can they solve the debt problem in Italy and Spain where there is large, insolvable debt? “Italy and Spain with $2.1 trillion and $1.3 trillion”economy respectively.

The magnitude of the problem is evident in the fact that Greece has already had “two bailouts worth £172bn from Europe and International Monetary fund”.

Why Euro has exploded in Greece?

This crisis is not a Greek economy crisis, but white imperialist crisis. There is one single parasitic capitalist economy across the world, dominated by the white imperialist nation, organized around the U.S. and the EU and led by the rulers in Washington D.C. Germany is the leading economic power inside the EU, and its parliament holds the power to decide what amount of bail out money can go to Greece, but the German rulers cannot stop imperialist crisis in Greece or Europe.

This crisis is a continuation of the financial crisis which shook parasitic capitalism in 2008. The question for the white rulers are at whom expenses can they survive the crisis?

The crisis of imperialism is forcing Germany, France, Britain and others to turn inward to Greece and plunder its resources at the expense of Greek people.

“This list tells you who owns the Greek debt: Germany 62.8bn, France 43.8bn, Italy 38.4bn, Spain 25bn, IMF 21.4bn, ECB 18.1bn, Netherlands, U.S. 11.3bn, UK 10.8bn, Belgium 7.5bn, Austria 5.9bn, Finland 3.7bn”.

There is no solidarity between dying imperialist powers and Greece, a weaker state within the Union. Germany, France and others are determined to fleece weaker white economies within the Union. After all, the European Union was not created to end the poverty in Greece, but to contain the communist Soviet Union and forward the interests of the U.S. over Europe.

The Greek economy, which relies mainly on exports of olive oil, feta cheese and tourism does not weigh in economically on the world scale, but it has geostrategic importance in the eyes of NATO planner, because of its access to Mediterranean Sea.

Greece’s good living standards depend mainly on their membership of the European Union, an institution created to consolidate the bourgeois white nation in Europe at the expense of Africa and other oppressed nations on this planet. Greece can only access Africa and other colonized places with the backing of France, U.S., Canada, Britain, Germany etc., so their attachment to the EU is the solution.

The EU, however, is requesting Greece be fleeced in order to be part of the global exploiters. The Greek economy has also been touched by the sanctions imposed on Russia, with whom there was a mutual trade worth €5.7bn last year, according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

The way out for Greece

Since the end of second imperialist world war (world war 2), poor black people aren’t used to seeing Europe in crisis.

Many Africans are asking why the champions of good governance are unable to help Greece. The answer is simple. European leaders Germany, France and Britain are forced to look inside Europe for people to exploit and dominate because they are unable to impose that agenda on the people of the world like they have in the past.

There is resistance against white power imperialism in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela and China, India, Iran, are growing their own power.
Alexis Tsiparas, the Greek prime minister—despite his referendum victory which gives him a strong mandate to negotiate a better deal with Europe Central bank, EU and IMF— has agreed to most of the tough reform demands from the austerity plan.

More than 90 percent of the money the Greek people have paid back has not gone to African people, Arabs or any other oppressed people. It has gone to German, French and U.S. banking institutions.

The only solution to the Greek problem is for the Greek population to be in solidarity with the resistance struggles of all oppressed peoples around the world against white imperialism, which is the primary source of all problems the Greeks have.

The question isn’t whether or not to leave Euro. The question is how to end white imperialist parasitism, which did not start with Euro. There are movements in every European country against the European Union or Euro because those countries want to have a strong government controlled by their own national bourgeoisie. Europe was parasitic before the Euro; can Greece leave the euro parasitic club?

The bottom line is the leftist Greek government is looking for a salvation of the Greek economy, which is part of Europe economy, born out of our enslavement. A genuine solution must be against the world-wide, white power economy.

It must be a solution that hastens the demise of European parasitic capitalism and favors the rise of the African nation and other colonized people.

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