Glasgow COP26 organized by the bourgeoisie to maintain colonialism

Every year, the UN-inspired annual conference on climate change, called Conference of the Parties 26 (COP26), is an opportunity for oppressor nations to dictate their views on climate change on oppressed nations.

This annual event could not take place in 2020 as the world economy was rocked by the emergence of the colonial COVID-19 virus.

The COP26 conference convened on Sunday, October 31 by the British bourgeoisie.
The fact that more than 120 leaders from around the world attended this conference added to the hype generated by the bourgeois media that claimed this two week conference is the last chance to save humanity.

The Chinese, Turkish and Russian presidents did not make trips to Britain. Xi Jinping read a brief statement through video.

The COP conference, first held in 1995, was from the outset an unaccountable project.

There have been no criticism of wealthy parasitic nations whose development is founded on the theft of labor and resources from colonized peoples across the planet.

There have been no criticism of bourgeois nations for polluting the planet for centuries nor any reparations demanded by leaders of colonized nations who take part in the conference.

From the beginning, it was a conference to cover the crimes of colonizers against the colonized peoples and the planet.

An international conference that does not raise the historical and ongoing responsibility of the white nation, born as a product of genocide and colonialism against black people, has no legitimacy.

The assault on the environment cannot be separated from the assault on African people and Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Pacific Islands, Australia, etc.

This conference falsely claims cooperation between oppressor nations and oppressed nations to solve the climate change created by the colonial industrialization and development of white nations.

Rich colonial nations, as expected, did not fulfill their pledges from the Paris COP in 2015. At the time, they boasted that they would raise $100 billion to help colonized countries reach their target in reducing the emission of CO2 gas.

It never materialized. It was just a public relations stunt.

Under colonialism, oppressor and oppressed nations have irreconcilable and antagonistic interests. This is true in times of apparent peace or war.

We had no doubt from start that COP26 2021 was going to be another bourgeois gathering with big speeches, promises and good intentions of all sorts from the oppressor nations, and a flood of lamentations from neocolonial leaders of oppressed nations for not receiving enough money to work on cutting their gas emission.

No green capitalism – green colonialism is still colonialism

The bourgeoisie aims to win the world by falsely claiming that green capitalism will solve climate change. This is fake news!

A farsighted sector of colonial capitalism is competing with other sectors of the bourgeoisie to win white people to fight for the environment by participating in green colonialism at the expense of colonized peoples and the planet.

It is not just the bourgeoisie that is fighting for an efficient capitalism – the so-called white left is as well. In Britain, a group known as the Extinction Rebellion represents the white left who militantly take direct actions to influence their government.

Their demand to insulate Britain is an example of green capitalism – an efficient capitalism, a clean capitalism – at the point of transformation or consumption.
They talk of cleaning up the environment to meet the various goals they set for themselves. This includes electric cars, buses and trains, airplanes and boats, etc.
Pledges are being made to produce clean energy from renewable sources.

However, where would they get the copper, cobalt and lithium for this new technology? Of course, in Africa and other colonized countries where they have been stealing these resources all along.

The colonizers can’t rescue the world. It has to be rescued from colonial capitalism!
The colonizers recognize that the world is in danger, but they can’t fix it. They can’t say the planet is being disrupted by the phenomenon known as colonialism.

This is what Omali Yeshitela, the Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, has described as the “mode of production” that took Europe out of feudalism.

And yes, the same colonialism that propelled an obscure and insignificant territory, not yet defined as Europe, into modernity and global power – is endangering the world and the planet.

It is not mankind in general who is the culprit of this horror, but colonial capitalism. The rule of the imperialist bourgeoisie is the rule of the destruction of nature and its ecosystem.

The truth is this is the first casualty of war against the environment.

Bourgeois scientists have established that the planet has warmed by 1.2C since the colonial industrialization of white nations throughout centuries, but they are incapable of blaming colonialism, the foundation upon which sits the whole capitalist economy and social order.

African Nation had no voice in illegitimate COP26 conference

The African petty bourgeoisie was only needed at the conference for a photo opportunity. The bourgeoisie needs to claim the leadership role over Africa and other oppressed nations.

A divided colonized Af.rican nation cannot have an international voice. They instead came to the conference as individuals to be manipulated on command by various white power oppressors and leaders.

They came to the conference to validate colonial decisions at our expense. They also attended because they were promised crumbs to help them “combat” climate change in their respective colonies.

The powerless had no place in this conference except to play the role assigned to them by the colonial capitalists.

The latter, through their press, used every single opportunity to project their false image as the saviors of the world, as they made new promises that they will help African neocolonial states meet zero net emission” goals by 2050.

A conference without the international African working class is illegitimate.

The African revolution needs to save the world. Contrary to the African petty bourgeoisie – a social force that has accepted life under domination as long as its class interests are met with prestigious jobs, titles, access to wealth and sometimes closeness to white people – the African working class cannot be satisfied with a life of perpetual bondage.

The only solution is to complete the black revolution and the unification of Africa under the leadership of the international African working class.

In other words, let’s first eradicate colonialism, the foundation of capitalism, from our planet. This is the only way to save the planet from colonial capitalism.

Build The Europe 2022 African Liberation Day!


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