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"One People! One Party! One Destiny!" is being hailed as the guide to African revolution in the 21st century. The new book by Omali Yeshitela is scheduled for release on September 21, 2010.

As we look out on a world defined by imperialist war and an escalating economic and political crisis, Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party-USA (APSP-USA), emerges as a singular coherent voice.

Yeshitela’s new book is "One People! One Party! One Destiny! The Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party-USA". The Congress was held in Washington, DC in July 2010.
If you could have just one book to help you navigate these tumultuous times, this is it.
The Political Report presents a brilliant, thought-provoking analysis, crafted from the particular point of view of the African working class in vital contention with the tired lies, deceit and double-talk of the oppressive rulers of white power.
"One People! One Party! One Destiny!" tells the truth as experienced by millions of oppressed African people in this country and worldwide, as well as by the majority of humanity who still labor under the legacy of colonialism.
Educating its readers to the root of the ascendancy of a white power system built on slavery and genocide, the Political Report points the way forward for African people everywhere and for everyone looking for answers in the turmoil consuming the planet today.
With his theory, African Internationalism, Yeshitela tells us that the “struggles of the peoples and countries under neocolonial domination ­– who are struggling against imperial white power – represent the defining events in the world today. These are the struggles to reverse the verdict of imperialism and to overturn the past 600 years of imperialist history that created the current political, economic and social configuration of the world.”
African Internationalism is based on the understanding that “capitalism is inherently parasitic and that its emergence coincides with the beginning of a world economy based on the dialectic of oppressor and oppressed nations.”
Proving his point with elegant simplicity Yeshitela asks the question, “Would capitalism and the resultant European wealth and African impoverishment have occurred without the European attack on Africa, its division, African slavery and dispersal, colonialism and neocolonialism?”
“No! No! No! and a thousand times, no!,” he answers.
In discussing the current crisis of imperialism, Yeshitela notes of the Obama presidency, “There is no greater evidence of imperialist despair than the selection of Barack Hussein Obama by US white rulers as US president and chief imperialist public representative to the world. More and more, this effort to give imperialism the face of the slave is being recognized by the world to be the cunning act of desperation that it is.”
The Chairman salutes the 11 million-member organization of Marcus Garvey in the 1920s that “consolidated Africans in Africa and throughout the world into a united organization with a single center and leadership,” calling for “Africa for Africans, those at home and those abroad.”
Making the case that the African People’s Socialist Party members are the “Garveyites, the African Fundamentalists of the 21st Century,” Yeshitela, like Garvey before him, states that Africans are one people, “a nation forcibly dispersed around the world,” whose national homeland is Africa.
Yeshitela cites the African Socialist International (ASI), the worldwide African Liberation, as the “centerpiece of the Party’s work.” Today the ASI is based in countries throughout Africa, Europe and North and South America. The ASI struggles to rid Africa of its colonial borders and put Africa’s land, destiny and resources into the hands of the African working class.
After giving a thorough analysis of the relevance of the Party as a guiding tool for the liberation of African and all oppressed peoples, Chairman Yeshitela discusses the significance of each of the many fronts of the APSP.
From the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement to the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Program, the Party’s mass organizations address every facet of life of African people on every continent.
Organizations such as the African Internationalist Student Organization, the African Internationalist Women’s Organization and the African Redemption Church, carry out the Party’s strategy to bring in every sector of the African population as full participants of the African Revolution.
"One People! One Party! One Destiny!" also includes all of the resolutions adopted at the historic Fifth Congress as well as the moving solidarity statements from other fraternal and international organizations, salutes from ASI members from around the world and much more.
Chairman Yeshitela sums up at the end of this excellent book that “it should be clear that ours is a Party with an unmatched history in the struggle against imperialism and for the liberation and unification of Africa and the globally dispersed African nation.”
Signed, advance copies of "One People! One Party! One Destiny! The Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party-USA" can be purchased at for $20 until September 21.


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