French police commit violence against African and Afghan immigrants

The immigration violence in October 2016 by the French police against the traumatized and impoverished colonial people fleeing U.S.-led NATO wars was world news.

French police demolished the Calais “Jungle” tearing down the makeshift homes of the 7,000 residents.

These colonial wars have been raging in the Middle East―particularly in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan―and Africa because of the surrender of the petty bourgeoisie to imperialism.

For almost two years, non-white asylum seekers have been denied legal means of travelling to Britain. Meanwhile, immigration by Eastern Europeans has been encouraged by British government.

According to Jack Doyle and James Chapman’s November 19, 2014 article in the Daily Mail newspaper, “there are around 654,000 Polish nationals in the UK out of 41.5million…A total of 108,000 Lithuanians live in Britain…Lithuania has a much smaller population at around three million.” 

However, France and Britain can’t seem to accommodate some 7,000 refugees in Calais.

No immigrant is illegal. They are rather made illegal by the imperialist law in France and throughout Europe in a process known as the 1985 Schengen Agreement.

The Schengen Agreement allows all citizens of the 28 European Union member states to travel freely across Europe’s Schengen area. There are no borders between them.

However, Britain opted out of this agreement. This means that anyone coming to Britain must go through customs and checkpoints at airports and ports of Britain.

That is why all these so-called immigrants from Africa and the Middle East who have no British visas were trapped at the French sea port Calais, which is some 21 miles (about 34 km) from the English sea port Dover.

The French have already stripped immigrants of nearly all of their democratic rights. The pass law mandating the carrying of the passes known as “carte de sejour” and constant police harassment are some of the reasons France is not attractive to many would be immigrants.

Without one of these identity cards, one has no access to social services, health care or other services, and France makes it hard to get the carte de sejour.

Its authorities are happier to push asylum seekers to get to England. The upcoming French presidential elections in May 2017 has forced the French government to act now.

White people are not illegal anywhere; only colonized peoples are “illegal” even on our own land

France claimed that the demolition of Calais Jungle was an international humanitarian intervention to help refugees.

Imperialism is incapable of acting humanely. Everything that they do is motivated by selfish interests―either to protect its own interest, make money or destroy and demonize oppressed peoples’ resistance.

Even the name of the Jungle is a contemptuous slur, a swipe at African people.

Unlike the proper rainforest of the African continent, which is wealthy and rich in varieties of botanical and animal species as well as clean water and abundant mineral wealth, the Calais’s jungle is filthy.

It is a neocolonial neighborhood in the same way as shanty towns in South Africa, Kenya, Lagos and favelas in Brazil.

The New York Times quoted a young African from Sudan: “’The situation is like Africa in this Jungle,’ said Mohammed Zakaria, a 25-year-old Sudanese man who shares a 12-by-7-foot tent with nine others. As bad as conditions are in Calais, he does not want to go back to Sudan.”

It is in this biological warfare dump that the French have confined Africans, Afghans, Iraqis and other oppressed peoples fleeing wars and poverty the white imperialists and their collaborators have imposed on us.

Immigration is the most critical policy that makes or breaks elections in Europe.

The rising political parties in Europe are the ones which have been able to capture a base inside the white population on the pretext that asylum seekers or non-white foreigners are taking their jobs, raping their women, etc.

The Calais Jungle is a cruelest form of police containment, reminiscent of Jim Crow and Apartheid.

It is an area designated for only asylum seekers and immigrants outside the white nation.

In Calais, the government has relinquished its basic duties to care for refugees and asylum seekers, as stated in the Geneva Convention that France and Britain claim to adhere to.

The only resources they bring into Calais regarding the asylum seekers is investment into the bests methods to contain the people and prevent them from crossing the sea to England.

White people opposed to asylum seekers being relocated in refugee centers in their towns

This is the demand of the white population which has united with the white ruling class that all decent social housing and social facilities in white countries are for white use only.

That is why white nationalists such as Nigel Farage in the UK, Donald Trump in the U.S. and the le Pen family in France are all popular with white voters.

There are calls for harsher colonial solutions such as colonial walls and fences to separate colonized peoples from their own resources.

The British, in cooperation with the French, are financing the construction of a 13-foot high wall around Calais port to make it nearly impossible for asylum seekers to reach England from there.

Robert Goodwill, the British immigration minister said, “We have done the fence, now we are doing the wall. We are going to start building this big new wall very soon as part of the £17 million package we are doing with the French.”

A 9 ft-high fence was built last year at the lorry terminal in Coquelles near Calais. A November 24, 2015 article at stated, “Eurotunnel says 37km of new security fencing around its site at Coquelles in Calais has reduced attempts by asylum seekers to board lorries to get to the UK to ‘virtually zero.’ Hauliers estimated that the cost to those caught up in the operation to be £700,000 a day and £250 million to the UK economy as a whole.”

White people all over France have been holding demonstrations in opposition to the relocation of asylum seekers to their respective towns, clearly stating their unity with colonialism.

They are not demonstrations for reparations to African people and other colonized peoples despite their knowing that their government sent billions bombing Afghanistan to antiquity.

France depends on their colonial relationships that suck hundreds of billions of dollars every year from Africa.

Immigration is one example that white rulers cannot rule in the same old ways.

No immigration laws can stop the immigration that have been caused by imperialist wars and plunder.

More and more, we the victims are coming to the conclusion that we have more right than anybody else to be here in Europe to access our own resources stolen from us.

However, our accessing our resources requires organization and advanced philosophy to make it happen.

That is why we are calling on all asylum seekers to embrace Africa Internationalism, the international theory to destroy imperialism at its foundation.

NATO Out of Afghanistan and the Middle East!

White Reparations to African People Now!

Legalize All Asylum Seekers and Immigrants Now!


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