French imperialism out of Mali!

The African Socialist International demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of French troops from Mali.
We are calling on African people everywhere to organize and mobilize throughout the world—including France itself—to demand French troops out of Mali.
We are calling on Africans everywhere to hold demonstrations at French embassies or other local places of French interests to oppose the invasion of Mali and demand an end to the French imperialist aggression.
We are opposed to imperialist wars!  This is an imperialist war of aggression in Mali.
French imperialism is in crisis!
After only six months as president of France, François Hollande’s popularity has plummeted from 53 percent to 43 percent, according to polls.
With unemployment rising to over ten percent, he wants to use state resources to create 150,000 jobs for the youth and 60,000 teacher jobs, while making the biggest budget cuts in France in the last 30 years.
With Hollande threatening to tax the rich, millionaires are fleeing France and going to Belgium and other European destinations. In addition, major French companies are laying off workers at an alarming rate.
In Europe, François Hollande is on the defensive, as he is unable or unwilling to endorse German Chancellor Angela Merkel's key demands on the “EU’s right to intervene in national budgets” ( Der Spiegel, 22 October).
In France, Hollande is confronted with a declining French competiveness in industry on the one hand, and a strong white left union fighting to protect worker gains and the historical white standard of living on the other.
With France's social programs consuming 56 percent of its GDP, Hollande is looking to the neocolonies to solve its economic woes.
Hollande is on the same path as his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkorzy, who led the invasion of Libya in conjunction with U.S. military forces from AFRICOM.
It is France, Britain and the U.S. who are leading the war of aggression and destabilization of Syria.
France is now leading the aggression in Mali, which is disguised as a fight against Islamists.
U.S. troops and aircraft are also actively involved in the aggression against Mali.
Everything seems to suggest, as it was in Libya, that the U.S. is setting the terms while allowing France to give the impression that they are in command, when in reality, the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) is the real leader of operations in Mali.
From Mali to Somalia, from Libya to Congo and from Haiti to Colombia—the African working class must rise to the challenge to stop the parasitic European and U.S. imperialism from shifting their crisis on the African world by military occupation and terror.
Build one united African revolutionary struggle without borders!
Build the African Socialist International!, Phone number: 07862 294 364


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