Fortress America besieged: war penetrates imperialist sanctuary

At the time of this writing the U.S. is involved in an orgy of public grief and displays of self-serving heroism in the wake of the April 15, 2013 twin bombings at the iconic Boston Marathon.
The two bombings, utilizing a pressure cooker and metal container of some sort, resulted in nearly 200 casualties, with three fatalities, up to now. The number of amputations inflicted on the unsuspecting spectators oblivious to the fact they were milling about in a war zone punctuated the horror of the bombings.
Among the casualties was an eight-year-old white boy whose heart-rending plight has captivated the attention of the U.S. media as a symbol of U.S. innocence being flayed by unknown and ill-deserved terror.
Lost in the news on that same April 15 was the decision made by U.S. secretary of defense Charles Hagel that, in response to opposition from veterans’ groups, retreated from a previous decision awarding special medals to U.S. cowards, who from the relative safe environs of Nevada fortresses, direct murderous drone attacks throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and other places, leaving hundreds of dead and amputated, including infants and other children, in their wake.
Also, few would have noticed the announcement of 55 killed in Iraq on April 15 by car bombs and other violence that have become common in that country since it came under attack from colonial occupation by the U.S.
In St. Petersburg, Florida, the site of this writing, two Africans, a man and woman were gunned down by police on Monday, April 15, for allegedly refusing to obey commands of the police to open their car doors, a capital offense in any colonially occupied community in the U.S. and the world.
Piercing thru U.S. propaganda
At the time of this writing, U.S. officials claim to be close to identifying those responsible for the bombings. And although U.S. response has been decidedly more measured than after the 9-11 twin towers bombings, there has nevertheless been an undertone of suspicion directed at Muslims. A Saudi student was even detained briefly for questioning.
However, despite the continuous television replay of the bombing scene and incessant, mostly mind-numbing, rating-influenced, patriotism-inducing dribble, other than from official State representatives, there is little real sympathy for the U.S. being shown in many quarters.  
No doubt this is because U.S. hypocrisy is wearing thin. The colonized are beginning to understand that the colonizer has a different standard when it comes to the value of human life and that for the colonizer, the life of the colonized is without worth unless in some way it contributes to the wellbeing of the colonizer.
The victims of U.S. and other imperialist white violence are seldom seen in the U.S. and Europe and when we are, it is not as victims, but as errant accomplices of our own downfall.
We should have stopped when the cops said so. Our children wouldn’t get shot by police if they lived in better neighborhoods or didn’t carry toys that look like guns.
Palestinians deserve occupation, Zionist theft of their homeland and Israeli and European murder because they are anti-Semitic ingrates that are unthankful for what the white nationalist Jewish occupiers have done to turn their desert into a bountiful garden of democracy.
White people represent the universal value. Anything that deviates from that value is suspect. We are the “others” whose presence cannot be tolerated, not only by white governments, but also by most of the whites in Europe, North America and other places whites have settled as well as in Africa and places where whites are minority interlopers.
For example, we are told that a recent Farleigh Dickinson University’s Public Mind poll determined that white people in the U.S. are overwhelmingly opposed, 48% to 24%, to the U.S. government targeting its own citizens for drone assassination abroad. However, the same poll has whites agreeable to drone assassinations of others deemed a threat to the U.S. by a margin of six-to-one.
Initially, the U.S. refused to speculate who was responsible for the bombings, though Obama the Drone Meister has declared those responsible will feel the full weight of U.S. justice.
What was notable in his April 16 press conference, however, was his reluctance to declare the bombings a “terrorist” act. Speculation by a former Obama cabinet member suggested Obama’s reluctance to do so is because April 15, the day of the bombing, is “tax day” in the U.S., leaving open the possibility that the bombs were the act of some white anti-tax person or group.
The term “terrorist” has been reserved for special use since the 1981 inauguration of general Alexander Haig as secretary of state in the administration of U.S. president Ronald Wilson Reagan.
Freedom Fighters defined as terrorists by imperialism
Haig declared then that the term “terrorist” would be used to replace the term “freedom fighter” by which revolutionaries were known during another time when the crisis of imperialism was manifest in the growing number of peoples and countries fighting to extricate ourselves from the parasitic grasp of U.S. imperialism.
Generally speaking, a terrorist is not a white person unless it is someone like Lynne Stewart, the lawyer in prison in democratic America for her history of defending Africans, Muslims and others the U.S. has declared to be terrorists because of their association with the just resistance of their oppressed people.
We know the klan are not terrorists and that the police murder and U.S. mass burial of Africans in poorly disguised concentration camps called “prisons” must not be considered terrorism; nor the U.S. drone assassinations and “regime changes” used to destroy the dreams and lives of various peoples seeking independence from U.S. or white imperialist authority.
While we are sympathetic with all the struggles of all the peoples of the world fighting to win their liberation from parasitic capitalism, we are opposed to “terrorism” as a method of struggle. This is not due to some moral objection, but to the fact that if the objective is to win liberation through revolution, terrorism does not work.
Notwithstanding the characterization of terrorism by the U.S. and European states, the reality is that terrorism is simply a tactic of war. It has been used throughout history and in all likelihood this will continue for some time to come.
Usually terrorism is used to break the will of a population, to demoralize them in the pursuit of a greater military strategy. It is not now, nor has it ever been considered essentially a “moral” issue until directed at whites by others or at U.S. cities, until recently presumed impregnable.
A shaking, desperate colonizer
The crisis of imperialism is so pronounced today that it is inescapable. With its parasitic economic basis located in slavery and colonialism, the world capitalist system has been severely shaken within the last several decades where more and more of the colonized peoples and countries have been in the process of prying themselves free of white domination.
This has resulted in an era of permanent warfare as the imperialists, led by U.S. capitalists, have fought to push back the tide of human progress located in the struggles of the people to reverse the verdict of imperialism that has resulted in the world’s majority struggling to exist off less than ten U.S. dollars a day.
The economic crisis has followed in the wake of the peoples’ growing extrication from white domination and imperialism, as we know it. Political crisis and instability have also become commonplace. The white ruling class selection of Obama as U.S. president is both a response to and cause of this instability.
The growing economic losses of imperialism have contributed to deepening splits among the ruling class and within the general white population.
Decay is the order of the day. The Boston Marathon began with 26 seconds of silence in memory of the December 26, 2012 massacre of 26 people, mostly children in Newtown, Connecticut by a young white man.
2013 was christened by a February declaration of war on the Las Angeles Police Department by Christopher Dorner, a disaffected African officer of that State apparatus, who killed four people.
On April 16, the day after the Marathon bombings, the wife of a judge in Texas was arrested for the execution of two district attorneys and the wife of another in January and March of this year.
Ricin-laced envelopes being sent to U.S. senators and to Obama himself have also confused the Marathon bombing investigation.
These are just a few of the examples of decay and fracturing of U.S. society as its economic base is being dislocated and everything that springs from that parasitic relationship is being threatened, including “national” cohesion and confidence in the State to resolve the problems of the people.
This crisis opens the door to a cauldron of social discontent, which is why Obama had to be cautious in his April 16 news conference responding to the bombings. Any number of forces could be stalking the security of a system sitting on a critical historical fault line.
Undoubtedly the Obama regime will use the Boston bombing as an excuse to initiate even more odious attacks on freedom within the U.S. with the willingness of a frightened white population that traditionally has to invent games like bungee jumping to experience the normal human emotion of fear.
Terrorism is not a revolutionary strategy
There is an obvious huddling together by U.S. citizens in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. This will create the comforting temporary illusion of social peace that will be used to pump up loyalty to the U.S. imperialist State, otherwise known as patriotism.
This is one of the contradictions of terrorism as a method of struggle, one of the reasons we are opposed to terrorism. Instead of winning people to our cause and to opposition to the government, terrorism wins people to solidarity with the government.
It alienates the people from our cause and obscures the contradictions that threaten the unity of the masses with the government and capitalist system. Terrorism makes the people more afraid of the revolution than they are disgusted and fed up with the system.
But, there will be no returning of the genie to the bottle. The world created by “Western” imperialism and the U.S. from trampled dreams, aspirations and lives of the worlds oppressed is increasingly intruding into the sanctuary.
The happiness and security of the white world is anchored to the enslavement of the rest of us. It has been historically true that every “Indian” uprising, every nigger in the dark or wetback practicing a return to stolen land, every dirty Arab whose oil and poverty feed the “national interests” of white power, represent a “terrorist” threat.
Every white man made mad, further deranged by the growing realization that his every notion of superiority is increasingly suspect. Every assumption of a future for himself and his progeny at our expense, is being shredded by a future of free niggers and Indians and Arabs in possession of our lands, sovereignty and dignity, making him a potential pressure cooker extremist.
In other words, the world has changed. The new dialectic means the security of the white world is forever and irreversibly linked to the insecurity of the rest of us. And that’s the way it should be.


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