Forced out of Libya, African refugees fight back against oppressive white power in Hamburg, Germany

HAMBURG, Germany—They saw many people and friends being killed. Attacks came from above with the western im­perialist bombardments, while, on the ground, the “rebels” persecut­ed black Africans.
Around 60.000 Africans were thrown out of our continent, put on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea and threatened with if they returned to Libya.
They came to Italy and after two years of living in European camps, the authorities gave the order to leave towards northern Europe. The 300 people com­ing to Hamburg found a place to sleep in seasonal emergency ac­commodation facilities for home­less people that were closed after the winter.
Surviving the imperialist war against Libya; surviving anti-black persecution and massacres in Libya; surviving the forced cross­ing of the Mediterranean Sea and brought to the metropolis of impe­rialism, the brothers and sisters are forced to live on the streets.
The group started to organize themselves under most adverse conditions against the injustice of the NATO and EU system.
It is this system that took ev­erything from them, forced them to leave Africa against their will and is playing inter-governmental games, giving them fewer rights than animals.
Calling itself “Lampedusa in Hamburg,” the group’s demands have focused on gaining ba­sic rights: housing, access to the employment market, access to education, access to medical as­sistance and social service, free­dom of movement and free choice of residence.
All those basic rights have been denied ever since the impe­rialist aggression and the destruc­tion of subsistence in Africa.
In addition, the racist persecu­tion is continued by the German police who have announced that they would intensify racist con­trols on Africans.
Since Lampedusa’s occupa­tion of the major office in Ham­burg, the media are reporting and the German public is informed.
The African community of Hamburg—which fights every­day against racism and state-imposed terrorism—along with many other migrant communities (Latin American, Turkish, Kurdish, Iranian, Palestinian) and antira­cist groups have shown solidarity and gotten involved.
The Germans keep more care of their dogs than of us. They are a big part of the problem, because they benefit daily from the para­sitic system.
The social relationship is based on imperialism, on exploit­ing Africa and taking oil from our continent while they are bombing innocent people and destroying families.
The fight for rights must aim at the root of the problem
A motto of the protest says: “Law was made by man, not man was made by law. It can be changed or abolished.”
If we do understand that hu­man rights are made by and for white men, it makes no sense to wait until they give our people the same rights. White power is the root and we must break with their lies.
We cannot believe in their war propaganda claiming that they are bringing “human rights, de­mocracy and freedom.”
Europe is where the problem started. For centuries, they have been murdering, exploiting, op­pressing and robbing the wealth of the colonized masses.
The African working class was a target of western powers when they decided to attack Africa once more directly.
The war is still going on. Day by day, the imperialists are try­ing to destroy the survivors of the massive bombings, to make them invisible, denouncing them as Gaddafi’s mercenaries or calling them “illegals.”
The mainstream media and German rulers are not interested in removing the roots of the prob­lem — western imperialism and (fortress) white Europe — be­cause they are a big part of it.
The war of the white ruling class against the people is just continuing to go on. Our answer is to stand up against their weapon production, against their attacks, against their system.
In remembrance of all those Africans killed by the neocolonial­ist warlords and their world order.
Reparations for stolen wealth! Reparations for the war on Africa!
Freedom for Africa and all Africans!


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