Ferguson reignites Black Liberation Movement inside U.S. borders!

Nov. 25. It’s on!
The re-emergence of the black liberation movement in this country became evident to the world last night following the announcement by St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCullough of the Grand Jury’s decision to let killer cop Darren Wilson walk for the murder of 18 year old Mike Brown on August 9.
Since the day of Brown’s murder the African community of Ferguson has responded with the tenacious and heroic resistance that continues even as this article gets posted.
Speaking as if he were Wilson’s defense attorney, McCullough delivered a long, rambling monologue on national TV that gave legal justification for the murder of yet another young African on the streets of America.
Full of lies, deceit and disrespect for African life McCullough’s statement pandered to every white nationalist cliché that criminalizes African people and blames us for our oppression.
Legal justification for African oppression is not new. Slavery was legal and all our attempts to escape slavery were considered criminal by our slave masters who made us pay a price in unspeakable violence and brutality when we resisted.
Monday’s Grand Jury decision in St. Louis County was nothing but a reiteration of the Dred Scott Decision, ruled by a court in St. Louis in 1857 that stated that African people have no rights that white people are bound to respect.
It’s clear that African people are colonized in a country whose wealth and power are built on capturing Africans from our homeland, stealing our labor and everything we have.
As the narrative to control the Grand Jury decision was being laid out in the media last night, crowds of African people and others gathered in the streets of Ferguson.
Before the lying broadcast came to an end the people were attacked by the militarized police that had been shored up with a hundred FBI agents and at least 300 National Guardsmen.
In response Africans fought back the cops, setting police cars on fire with the kind of resistance that drew the attention and solidarity of other oppressed peoples from around the world and shed light on the brutal existence imposed on the colonized African community here in the US.
The courageous resistance of African people in Ferguson forced the white ruling class to have to deal with the fact that the police murder of Mike Brown is not unusual.
The Ferguson resistance exposed the colonial reality that African people are gunned down by the occupation police every day in this country.
Since the police murdered Mike Brown hundreds of others have been killed, including 12 year old Tamir Rice gunned down on a Cleveland playground last Saturday.
High School student Vonderritt Myers was murdered by police in St. Louis October 9, two months to the day of the murder of Mike Brown.
In the news is the case of Eric Garner whose death by police chokehold was captured on video in Staten Island in July, and the recent police execution of Akai Gurley, 28, shot and killed in a stairwell of his Brooklyn apartment building.
There are so many cases of police violence against us: from Oscar Grant in Oakland to Sean Bell in New York; from Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, to Tayvon Grayson in Orlando; from Aiyana Jones, 7, murdered by police in Detroit to Katherine Jonhston, 92, gunned down by cops in Atlanta, the police are on a murdering rampage in African communities—a rampage no different to the US marines in Iraq, Afghanistan bringing shock and awe.
The resistance of African people in Ferguson was similar to the fierce resistance that rose up in St. Petersburg in 1996 after 18-year-old TyRon Lewis was shot and killed during a traffic stop just three blocks from our Party’s national headquarters.
A Grand Jury exonerated the killer cops just three weeks after the murder. On the day of the Grand Jury decision, over 300 militarized police forces attacked the Uhuru House during a regularly scheduled community meeting. The St. Petersburg police dumped all of the tear gas in the city into the hall and set the trees at the back of the building on fire in an assault meant to wipe out Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the Uhuru Movement.
That night young Africans fought back the cops and took down a police helicopter forcing the occupying army into a retreat.
In his Grand Jury testimony, released yesterday, killer cop Darren Wilson described the area he was patrolling as a “hostile, anti-police environment” with an influx of “gang and drug activity,” the code word for the criminalization of the African community where Brown was doing nothing more than walking in a residential street.
The Grand Jury always carries out what the prosecutor wants to happen and always backs the police.
The only solution for African people is to fight for community control of the police. We need to build a national movement in every city to be able to control this armed colonial force terrorizing our communities. We need real power to hire and fire the police in our communities and the ability to prosecute those who murder our people.
Black community control of the police!
Not one more black life!
Reparations for the family of Mike Brown and all Africans murdered by this colonial police1


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