#FeesMustFall and the exposure of the State in Occupied Azania (South Africa)

OCCUPIED AZANIA––Universities have turned into raiding fields for black bodies where the State police are using military tactics to quell the mostly-African students’ unrests in and out of campuses across the country of Occupied Azania (South Africa).

The brutal nature of this direct counter-insurgence has raised cryptical uncertainties as the students are woken to the reality of what they actually mean to the State as opposed to the reverse.

Most students engage the existing educational colleges and universities from the assumption that these institutions were created to open the ‘noble doors of privilege’ to them. On the contrary, the overt reality is that institutions serve the purpose of producing and reproducing ideas to be imparted in the maintenance of the existing social system.

Students are trained to graduate into qualified colonial expectations in service of white power and global capitalism. However, owed to the dubious nature of the colonial pedagogy, a student is likely to read the previous sentence and find nothing malefic or snitching. In that respect, students and intellectuals will never understand this theoretical delineation until they function informed by the theory of African Internationalism.

Secretary General of the African Socialist International (ASI), Luwezi Kinshasa, made a remark worthy of note in order to expose this torpid betrayal by students. Luwezi said, “Since students are not a social class by themselves, engaged in material production, many consider their studies in universities and other institutions of higher learning to be a pathway to the petty bourgeois class and the lifestyle associated with it.” (Quote from The role of African Intellectuals in the World, by Luwezi Kinshasa, 2009)

Moreover, the students’ deficit in understanding the State emerges from the following betrayal: In 1994, Nelson Mandela, a neocolonial puppet president and his ANC sell-outs, fed the slaves an elusive pill that drugged our people into the vision of freedom and integration into a country that rejected them for 84 years since the formal consolidation of the Union of South Africa in 1910.

In my conscience and temperament, I am of the opinion that the ANC has committed an unpardonable crime against the oppressed African masses.

Consequently, even in the midst of obvious indications of who the police are truly in service of, most students are still unable to coordinate themselves in the current system as colonial subjects.

Thus, we were not surprised to hear a university student in the world-class University of Cape Town exclaim with disappointment after being barred from a building by an African (black) security personnel deployed by the institution. As I paraphrase, the sister loudly said’ “…And these guards are black, why are they against us, they should be protecting us.”

Who are the police?

We do not want African students or African people in general to wonder again why the police deal with us the way they do. They cannot deal with us otherwise, you cannot change them. Even if they somewhat look like you or come from the same household as you, they will deal with you as the State dictates.

Kwame Ture put it simply when he said that, an oppressed people must have an enemy. As oppressed people, and students in university campuses can finally bear witness, the police are our enemy.

The deception that has been propagated by the State and government that the police are there in service of the citizens can now be demystified since the emergence of African Internationalism. If the police function in service of the citizens, then black people have never been citizens. How sinister it is that people are made to believe that police are employed to bring peace in the community only to face harassments from the same agents.

Our understanding of the State apparatus will enable us to place the police in the real position from which they are fixed. The State––“an apparatus of repression that emerges only in societies split into classes and whose purpose of existence is to protect the existing social system through use of coercion. The form that the State takes is different depending on the kind of social system. The army, police, courts and prisons are all part of the State apparatus”.

This is the imperialist, colonialist, capitalist State that is oppressing our dispossessed people day by day.

Heretofore, we now know what the purpose of the police is. Their purpose is to immediately protect the repressive State of the capitalist, colonialist bourgeoisie and to maintain the status quo.

Join the African Socialist International in Occupied Azania!

Resistance will resurrects us to life. But it is important to know thy enemy and struggle to crumble the entire oppressive system for a liberated socialist Africa under the State of the African working class.

For us to wage an informed and genuine struggle that will deliver us into total liberation, all African students in universities and other institutions of learning must build the Occupied Azania front of the ASI.

Our land or death!

Izwe Lethu! i Afrika!



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