Fashionable colonial plunder for movie stars and others: stealing African children

The theft of African children is currently the most chic form of colonial pillage.

Capitalism was built on 500 years of selling and enslaving African people. Now it's trendy in white circles—from movie stars to missionaries to suburban couples—to be seen with an African baby in tow.
Adoption is the new euphemism for kidnapping.
Pop star Madonna, after kidnapping two children from Malawi, has set her eyes on the country once again.
Malawi villagers were forced from their homes to make room for Madonna’s latest charity project. 
The project involves the theft of African girls and placing them into a colonial school. 
Malawi’s neocolonial government approved of the superstar’s genocidal vision, allowing her to pump millions of dollars into building the school.

Hundreds of villagers, in response, led a militant protest to stop their ancestral land from being taken away.
Government sell-outs put down the resistance, forcing the villagers to displace their community.
Angelina Jolie, another pop star, has also joined the frenzy in the market for African babies. Jolie traveled to Ethiopia for her pick of our babies.
Famine stricken as the result U.S. and IMF imposed policies, African families in Ethiopia face starvation and deadening poverty so great that they are sometimes forced to give up their children just to put food on the table. 
Eager to claim property over a child, Jolie bribed—in the name of charity—Ethiopian neocolonial officials with thousands of dollars in cash.
Recently, a very similar case involving African child victims of white opportunism took place in Haiti. 
Baptist missionaries from the U. S. set out to kidnap children, after January’s devastating earthquake that left families without many resources to care for their families. 
Again, this is due to Western imperialism attacking the African Revolution there for the past 200 years and sucking Haiti dry of an economy necessary to withstand natural disasters. 
These missionaries falsely promised African families that their children would be safe in neighboring Dominican Republic and they could visit them.
However, the missionaries’ real scheme was to put the 33 African children up for “adoption” under the guise that they were orphans, so white families in America could buy them. 
When caught, Haitian neocolonial officials let the perpetrators go back home to the U.S. American major media painted these kidnappers as victims themselves, duped into stealing these kids by someone who organized the kidnapping.
It’s clear that, in light of these kidnappings from movie stars, missionaries and every day white people, Imperialism has entered a new phase on its 500-year-old assault on Africa and Africans.
Children are vital to the fabric of any society. Without them, there can be no hope for any kind of future. White citizens of Western imperialism are committing an act of genocide in the name of charity.
Through their purchase and theft of African children—just as in the trade in African people—they are buying a commodity for their amusement. 
Without acknowledging the reality of parasitic capitalism and the true origins of why African families live in such dire poverty and desperation while white people live at our expense, movie stars and missionaries choose to continue the destructive force of colonization.
The truth is that African resources have been looted since the 1400s from European and American colonialism.
While white people enjoy the highest standard of living in the world on the pedestal of our oppression, we have been denied any ability to build a sustainable and thriving economy that benefits ourselves. 
We have been ripped from our motherland, raped, murdered, tortured, and forced to use our labor power to build white society.
The only real solution is for Africans take back what is ours, demand self-determination over our lives, our land our resources and our families.
The African Socialist International (ASI) offers just that.
Led by the African working class the ASI seeks to unite Africans everywhere and unify Africa into a single socialist state, free of all colonial borders within Africa. 
The ASI recognizes that Africa is not poor, it has been looted for 500 years. We need self-determination free from the jaws of charity, the destruction of Imperialism and the return of our stolen resources.
As Omali Yeshitela, leader of the African Socialist International has stated, “We have to build an organization from the very beginning that has a strategy to destroy imperialism and to build a liberated Africa that is comprised of African forces throughout the world. That strategy has to extend from Haiti all the way to Morocco.”
One Africa! One Nation!


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