The fall of Mubarak leaves US control over the region shaky

After 18 days of ongoing peoples stand and resistance in Tahir square, demanding that Hosni Mubarak stands down, the people of Egypt have finally won this critical round of the battle between the corrupt and tyrannical Arab rulers in Egypt and their allies from US, British and EU and other friendly parasitic regimes who funded and backed this neo colonial regime. Mubarak resigned on 11 February. Few days earlier, his son that he groomed to succeed him, has also resigned from his position of leadership in the NDP-National Democratic Party, dominated by the Mubarak.

This is a big victory for all oppressed peoples all over the world, who are certainly comforted by the ability of a mobilised population to bring down the dictatorship of Mubarak, Suleiman and others elements of the NDC in Egypt.

(Reuters) – The United States has given Egypt an average of $2 billion annually since 1979, much of it military aid, according to the Congressional Research Service. The combined total makes Egypt the second largest recipient of U.S. aid after Israel.

This is a mass mobilisation that started in Tunisia over a month ago, it is part of neo colonial crisis which has exploded differently in comparison to Ivory Coast , Guinea , Haiti or in the imperialist centres like Montreal, London , Paris or Washington DC. Here there has been a spontaneous mass mobilisation, free from the control of electoral petty bourgeois candidates. The lack of credible and fair and free elections have pushed the people to massively intervene to demand changes from brutal dictators of Mubarak and Ben Aki in Tunisia! Wherever bouregeois capitalist elections occur, it occurs under the control of the bourgeoisie itself.

In Ivory Coast, there is a crisis, but the crisis happens under the control of the two sectors of the petty bourgeois, who are determined to maintain their petty bourgeois rule, but In Egypt and Tunisia the traditional petty bourgeois were surprised that they had not developed a real capacity or preparedness for such mass national mobilisation, they played catch up throughout. Would be revolutionaries and other types of radicals are also playing catch ups.

US imperialist and its ally, the Israeli settler state is in panic. A people’s movement has brought down their main ally in the region and the prospects for a possible development of this revolution in Egypt have made all of them nervous! The masses hate the Israeli settlers, they hate what they do to people of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Somalis. They hate the regime that brutalised them for over 30 years with US military aid of £3billion every year, second only to the one the Israeli state gets from US rulers.

The western journalists and population pretend to discover that this was tyrannical rule, they had the audacity to feign that they were unaware of the terror life in Egypt, despite the facts that No coverage which exposes the colonial conditions everyone is accustomed to see when it is about a black population has not been shown on TV, White population cannot pretend their ignorance is neutral of innocence. No, they support immigration laws which are colonial laws everywhere in imperialists oppressor nations to keep us, colonised out. Their ignorance is a political or statement too.

We want just to say in the African Socialist International we unite with the genuine democratic aspirations of the people of Egypt, Tunisia, and any other North African population which is fighting to regain their dignity , freedom and democratic rules.

In Egypt and in Tunisia people demand constitutional reform, release of; political prisoners, basic freedom of association and assembly, of thought, and of expression, lifting of the state of emergency, a civilian government.

We oppose any imperialist intervention of US and the other imperialist powers. US, France Germany and Britain cannot pretend to be the friends of the impoverished masses of Egypt and Tunisia. The evidence of their assault and plunder of Egypt can be seen in their respective national museums where the ancient Egypt glories of African civilisation treasures are locked up. It is France and Britain who assaulted Egypt when Nasser nationalised Suez Canal in 1956. It is an open secret to say that without U.S financial, diplomatic and military, the state of Israel would not exist today It is nauseating to hear Obama and other imperialist leaders repeatedly say they unite with the demands of the people of Egypt.

Smash all Myths which do not serve the people s revolution.

This cannot happen in the rest of Africa?

The situation in Egypt is a response to colonial conditions experienced by the peoples of Egypt, characterised by the control of the country’s economy by US corporations, the military dependency and of Egypt on US military aid. The shame full compromise with the Israeli settler state at the expense of the Palestinian people, and massive impoverishment of the vast majority of the peoples living on less than 2 dollars a day, the bourgeois press was not even courageous enough to show you the slums of Egypt. The impact of the crisis of imperialism has meant that the prices of food, and the other basic necessities has rocketed at the expense of poor people, the ongoing assault of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and now Pakistan and Somalia has mobilised ideologically the masses of Muslims around the world about the aggressive intensions of US imperialism. On top of this, Mubarak regime , like the Ben Ali ‘s regime in Egypt where brutal regimes, murdering any who dared to express any ideas or acts for social justice. The people today are simply taking on the old unfinished struggles of the fifties and sixties against colonial conditions.

The reality is that the rest of Africa’s colonial conditions are the same if not worse. The necessity to engage in struggle to overthrown these conditions are as dire as in North Africa as in sub Sahara Africa. The missing factor in Africa is the degree of political education and mobilisation against imperialism, as the sources of all our problems. There have not been in the last 20 years or more, a constant ideological mass mobilisation against imperialism throughout the African world.

There is African resistance everywhere in Africa, in the Caribbean, in Europe, particularly in France and including the United states , but this resistance has not achieved a strategic character ideologically and organisationally, to the point to create to inspire the all African people and other oppressed peoples., but it is growing. We do not belong to the camp of those who say never. We rather say everything is possible.

What we have witnessed is more a subservient, an ideological retreat caused by the dominance of selfish and mesquin petty bourgeoisie forces over what is characterised as the democratic mass movement or even democratic process. Yes it can happen, but the ideological education and struggles of the masses must intensify.

The United States is not a friend but an oppressor nation built on stolen Indian land and African labour

We want to remind the masses of Egypt that US ruling class is not their friends, the U.S government does not unite with the aspirations of Egyptians workers and poor peasants, and they do not unite with any independent expression of oppressed peoples and nations. The US is itself a prison of nations which suppresses the right to self determinations of over 100 million Africans, Mexicans and native population of the United States. The US is a democracy of the oppressors, and it is the leading oppressor nation in the world! The masses of people in Egypt cannot fight to be a US or European style of democracy, that is what a Israel settler is, an oppressor nation democracy, which require s the existence of oppressed nations and peoples to be oppressed and exploited. That is why a free Palestine cannot exist side by side with the Israeli Occupation and settler state.

The United States is rich because its primitive accumulation of capital is based on stolen land and wealth of indigenous people of Americas and the unpaid and stolen labour of African people.

Obama is not representative of Africans in the U.S,

He was not elected on a black people program, which was discussed and agreed upon or endorsed by the genuine representative of African people. He was elected on a Party democrat program, which is an imperialist program. Obama serves imperialist well in this time of crisis which has magnified the theft of African resources and politically engineered massive imprisonment of African and Mexican peoples within United States , Obama is worst than Bush and Clinton in a black face., Obama is Bush and Clinton with a Muslim and African name!

Obama not a friend of Africa or oppressed nations in the world

Obama used his first speech on African soil as US president to attack Africa by saying things that “Bush could not say:

He appointed Clinton, the man who overthrew Aristide from power in Haiti as the colonial governor in the aftermath of the earthquake, he sends over 22 000 troops for colonial occupation, when masses of our people were demanding health care and aid relief to cope with the destructive impact of the earthquake which destroyed a quarter of a million Africans lives! US and France have worked to stop Aristide from being able to deliver an independent program to address the colonial conditions of the peoples in Haiti.

The Coup in Honduras against a democratically elected government of Honduras happened with the collaboration of the US government of Barack Obama.

He is the man who has intensified the war against the people of Afghanistan, before extending to Pakistan and Somali.

He is the man who is presiding over the Africom, a military high command for US imperialist military domination of Africa including Egypt and the rest of the all North Africa region.

The aggression of people of Colombia gets billion of US military aid every year; we would not remind you of the ongoing blockade of Cuba by the U.S and the threats to Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution…

Eastern European style of revolution is backward revolution

Many imperialists’ pundits said that this was a type of Eastern European revolution which ended the existence of the former eastern Socialist bloc. Nothing could be further from the truth than this rabid nonsense. The collapse of Soviet Union and of the Berlin wall symbolised the retreat by the rulers of the Eastern bloc from commitment to a world free from Oppressors nations and oppressed nations, it was rather their shameless rapacious desire to openly join the parasitic capitalist nations of the oppressor’s nations. Now they are able to do in the open what they have been doing anyway! Before; share in or cash in the colonial bounty offered to them by the capitalist world market, which requires for its existence the unity of two opposites linked by parasitic relation of oppressor’s nations and oppressed nations.

The pre condition of any genuine democratic reality for the rest of us, is to end this parasitic relationship. Eastern European joined officially this parasitic relationship. The masses of Egypt must openly break that relationship.

The military is not a neutral force and there is no such thing as peaceful revolution

The army is the strategic institution which controls power in Egypt, and it is under the control of the Arab petty bourgeoisie presently in power, that is why Hosni Mubarak has handed power over to the military generals of which he was part of: general Suleiman –who was a chief of security, responsible for torturing opposition leaders and members, the 75-year-old Field Marshal Muhammad Tantawi, in charge of the country now is a close associate of Mubarak. It is Mubarak’s government without Mubarak. This is what Obama meant by orderly transition. Keeping power in the hand of the petty bourgeoisie who will continue the polices of status quo.

The current army leadership has suspended the constitution and dissolved a defunct parliament; discussions are taking place with leaders of this uncompleted revolution

We heard the comments on radio and TV throughout these uprisings it was a peaceful event, and the demonstrators trusted the army. They even exaggerated the difference between the army and the police.

They have already forgotten that the police of Cairo was an offensive police, which always target the peoples with teargas, that police beat up demonstrators and kill many of them. Egypt was one of the centres of US renditions.

Thugs of Mubarak charged the masses in order to force them to flee and abandon the Tahir a square. Throughout Egypt, people were targeted and killed.

The truth is that the European and U.S rulers do not want the people to fight back by killing their oppressors and their agents.

It is also truth that sectors of Army have been won on the side of the people, which make the generals more nervous.

But, every force in the service of the revolution must be organised under the leadership of revolutionary forces. We must draw a clear line of distinction to identify all forces and their interests respectively, so that we can isolate all opportunists’ forces from genuine revolutionary forces. That’s why people like Ayman Nour- a former presidential candidate against Mubarak, who was subsequently jailed and Mohamed ElBaradei the nuclear inspector who helped the USD to disarm Iraq are representative of the petty bourgeoisie, who cannot lead the revolution in Egypt. Forces like Muslim brotherhood who resisted Mubarak’s regime, but remain one of the representative of the petty bourgeoisie, although a radical one.

The aim of any genuine people’s national democratic revolution is to seize state power on behalf of and with the organised participation of the masses of workers and poor peasants in alliance with patriotic forces and democratic forces in society.

Now the petty bourgeoisie in Egypt is aware of the determination of poor peoples and patriotic forces to demand real change would reorganise with the NDP or without the NDP. Most importantly, the army is still loyal to the petty bourgeoisie; Egyptian revolutionaries have to come to terms with that reality. The people under the leadership of the workers must seize state power. They can’t get around that.

The revolutionaries must criticise US imperialist policies in the Middle East and in Africa as a whole, they must articulate their demand with respect to the Palestine question, the US wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somali and Iraq.

The Egyptian revolutionaries must articulate their positions toward all oppressed peoples of the world in particular towards the primary victims of US domestic imperialism: the black population of the US, who are also the primary allies of the people of Egypt, not Obama within the United States.

The creation of a proletarian party with a clear aim of uniting Africa, under the leadership of African workers and peasants is a necessity. Egypt must look towards Africa for a long term and structural solution, by accepting the mission of the African working class which is the creation of African Socialist International, the overturning of the verdict of imperialism and the unification of Africa.

Long live the struggles of the people of Egypt

One Africa! One Nation!

Luwezi Kinshasa, ASI Secretary General


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