Down with LGBT! Up with GSNA!

What’s at the end of my rainbow? Freedom!

My name is Gazi Kodzo and if you have seen me chanting at one of the many marches I have led you should have easily determined that I am a homosexual. As a Gender and Sexuality Nonconforming African (GSNA) I have to endorse Akilé and Jesse because I am African before anything else! This is why…

On February 24, 2015 when George Zimmerman was let off for killing 15-year-old Trayvon Martin I was scared for my life. Not because I am a homosexual but because I am black! I was scared for my black mother, my black father, my black sister, my black brother in-law, my black niece, my black nephews and all my black loved ones. 

This is what drove me to make videos battling the oppression of my people and eventually joining the Uhuru Movement. In the past two years, I have gained millions of viewers all over the world through my videos and have brought thousands of Africans internationally to join the Uhuru Movement. 

Unfortunately, some culture nationalists like Dr. Umar say that because of the way I have sex I am unable to participate in the liberation of my people and destroying white nationalism. 

Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the Uhuru Movement have been attacked because of our stance against the oppression of Gender and Sexuality Nonconforming Africans (GSNA). The attacks are vile, underhanded and divisive.

My online followers who are not in the Uhuru Movement summed up these attacks incorrectly. They called it homophobia which was birthed through toxic masculinity. This was absolutely wrong. 

Toxic masculinity blames penises and the ideas in people’s heads. Which is crazy for many reasons. How are we supposed to fight against ideas? It isn’t toxic masculinity that brings on this special kind of oppression against GSNA. It is colonialism and neocolonialism which have a material interest in dividing the black community and causing horizontal violence. 

Divide and conquer is the agenda of imperialism. Instead of organizing African people to rise up and fight this system, they have us fight among one another. How silly is it to fight one another on the way we have sex in the name of reproducing children? Rather than fight the oppressor so we can feed our starving children. 

As members of the Uhuru Movement we are against all forms of oppression!

This is why I am against the LGBTQIA movement and their rainbow flag, because it is a symbol of gentrification and police sanctioned violence against the black community. 

“Gazi, what the heck is you talking about?” is probably what you are thinking right now. 

Think about it: when we start to see rainbow flags in the black community, we know that the white gays are coming and with that invasion come higher bills, police terror, and land grabbers!

These attacks negatively affects the entire black community including the GSNA community which the LGBTQIA community say they represent. 

During this political atmosphere of black people resisting police brutality, the LGBTQIA community has been forced to confront issues of the black community. 

Gender and Sexuality Nonconforming Africans have called out the white LGBTQIA movement for their strong unity with the police, with parasitic capitalism, with imperialism and with gentrification. 

We have called them out on their silence of the murders of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Dominique Battle, Laniya Miller, Aushanti Butler, and so many more. 

We criticized the white-led LGBTQIA boycott of Chick-Fil-A because the owner was against same sex marriage. But yet they were silent and didn’t seem to care that Chick-Fil-A gives millions of dollars to African political leaders on the continent and in the caribbean who spew violent rhetoric against GSNAs! This rhetoric leads to thousands of attacks and murders of GSNAs all over the world.

Recently the LGBTQIA has added the colors brown and black to their flag. Some folks thought that this was a progressive move in the right direction. Most of us take this as an insult to the genocide we have been facing. Adding colors to a flag doesn’t protect the lives of our men, women and children who are being murdered and jailed by the police. 

True unity between the oppressor and the oppressed can only be done through reparations! Also the only flag I need is the African Red Black and Green! We are a united people beyond the colonial definitions of gender, sexuality or location. 

GSNA is an anti-colonial identity birthed from the African poor working class theory; African Internationalism. GSNA will demolish the liberal white nationalist LGBT movement and lead GSNA Africans to self-determination and freedom!

To learn more you must come to the 26th Anniversary International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) Convention in ST. Louis on September 16th and 17th where we will have the first Gender and Sexuality Non-conforming African forum.

If you are GSNA, you must join the African People’s Socialist Party!

If you are a white LGBTQIA person who truly wants to be a progressive, you must join the African People’s Solidarity Committee and organize for reparations to African people. 

Otherwise, the people will lose, and white nationalist opportunist will win. 

We can’t let that happen. Are you in? 


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