Defend the Freetown 3!

Meet Fenty P Tholley, Lalas and Issa Kamara, also known as the Freetown 3. The Freetown 3 are three members of the Sierra Leone branch of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) who former Party member and current neocolonial politician Chernoh Alpha M. Bah has attempted to have the police arrest.

These three comrades, along with dozens of others, joined the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) in 2009 during the process to build the West African Regional Conference of the African Socialist International (ASI). Their decision to join the Party was part of a wave recruitment of forces who were formerly a part of the Africanist Movement, which at the time was led by Chernoh Bah. In the process of building the conference to build the ASI in West Africa, the membership of the Africanist Movement overwhelmingly voted to become part of the APSP-Sierra Leone. Issa, Fenty and Lalas were among those members.

As the work to build the Party, InPDUM and the All African People’s Development Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) began to bear fruit, Chernoh’s opportunism became increasingly exposed and he realized that he would no longer be able to use the Party as an instrument to achieve his own selfish gains.

At this point, it has become clear that Chernoh Alpha M. Bah is a thief and an opportunist of the highest order. Meanwhile, the dedication of comrades like the Freetown 3 to the struggle for the emancipation of African people has become clear as well. This commitment put these comrades directly in the crosshairs of Chernoh’s treachery and opportunism.

On Tuesday, June 5, 2012, Chernoh came with police to the homes of the Freetown 3 to serve them summons letters to come in for questioning regarding allegations by Chernoh Alpha M. Bah that they have made threats on a cell phone call to him.

Never have any InPDUM or APSP led forces made violent or subjective attacks or threats against Chernoh. 

What we HAVE done (and will continue to do) is exposed Chernoh as an opportunist and a neo-colonial politician who will stop at nothing to advance his own selfish interests. One can read the Party’s recent exposure of Chernoh in this link:

Comrades Fenty, Issa and Lalas have been struggling on the ground in Sierra Leone as InPDUM organizers to educate the people as to what type of force Chernoh is – especially in light of the fact that he is running for parliament deceivingly using a people’s political program that was stolen from the Party. These comrades have been calling into radio shows to intervene any time Chernoh attempts to do an interview. They were also the ones responsible for tracking down the Uhuru Radio transmitter that Chernoh used as collateral for money for himself.

Fenty, Issa and Lalas are honorable comrades who have assumed responsibility for leading the struggle for self determination and socialism in Sierra Leone. They have understood the tasks to expose Chernoh Bah and retrieve the resources he has stolen from the people as part of that struggle.

InPDUM is committed to defending the Freetown 3 from opportunists like Chernoh who would sell his own people to the wolves in order to achieve his selfish interests. InPDUM is committed to defending the resources of the revolutionary national democratic process in Sierra Leone, in the form of the various programs being carried out by AAPDEP.

We want for you, the people, to also feel compelled to defend our comrades. For this reason, we have conducted brief interviews with comrades Fenty, Issa and Lalas so as to allow you to get know them on a deeper level.

Statement from Fenty P. Tholley

“My name is Fenty Paul Tholley, a father of a son called David. I was once a married man who lost my late wife on the seventh of January 2010. I have a new relationship with Lillian who has just completed her nursing course at the college of science and technology. I am a teacher by profession and I do small-scale farming of palm cannels. I joined the APSP in the year 2009 and INPDUM in the year 2012. I joined these two organizations to continue the struggle for the unification and liberation of Africa.

“I experienced while growing up in Sierra Leone the problems access to basic necessities: education, food, shelter, clothing and basic social facilities. The conditions of the people are terrible. Some people cannot afford their three daily meals or transportation. The war displaced thousands of people. During the war, I lost two brothers. One was a soldier and the other was a miner who was also killed during the war because he resisted the rebels who were taking his properties.

“My experience with Chernoh as a former member of the Party is that although I was made organizing secretary of the Party, he never allowed me to act in that capacity. I was only dressed in borrowed robes.”

Statement from Issa Kamara

“My name is Issa Kamara. I have five children. I am married to Fatty. I am a marine mechanic, and I joined the movement in 2009 because I believe it is the way out for Africa’s liberation. My most impactful experience growing up in Sierra Leone was the poverty. A family cannot provide three meals a day. The education is very poor. It has left most students as dropouts, especially the girl children. My experience over the years with Chernoh was a bitter one. He is a traitor to his people and the movement.”

Statement from Lalas

“My name is Lalas. I am married with two children: one eight-year-old boy and one four-year-old girl. My experiences were bitter as I grew up. I am a driver of a delivery van of a pure water company. I joined the APSP in 2009 through Chernoh where I acted as the assistant head of security for our internationals. My doubt about him began when he stole money from Nyabinga’s coat at the ferry terminal. I saw him do this. Sorry to say it now. I revealed it to comrade Issa and others but they did not believe it and assumed that I meant to spoil the program. I then decided to keep off since he failed to be of my expectations.”

Status of charges against Freetown 3

Currently, the case of the Freetown 3 is at a stand still. We are waiting to hear how the neocolonial Sierra Leone State wants to move with regards to Chernoh’s charges. As an act of self-defense against Chernoh’s attempt to have these comrades arrested, Fenty and Issa had no choice but to file counter charges against Chernoh, exposing the fact that they had simply been trying to retrieve resources that Chernoh stole from AAPDEP.

InPDUM is clear that the State in Sierra Leone functions the same way that the State functions in the U.S. or Europe, and therefore we have no expectation for justice to be carried out as a consequence of something the police do. Therefore, InPDUM is working with AAPDEP to hold community forums and a press conference through which the truth about Chernoh and his attack on our forces will be exposed to the people because in the final analysis it must be the people who will judge.

Stay tuned to Uhuru News for updates as they unfold.


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