December in South Africa – the hype versus the Revolution!

GAUTENG, VAAL–The African community inside the townships of South Africa has borne the brunt of counterinsurgency since the rise of neocolonialism, with African people being displayed in a manner akin to how we were during the days of apartheid, oppressed but happy. 

This is the opposite of truth—a lie that South Africa has been built on.

Speaking of the lie—December in South Africa is always a month organized around capitalism bleeding the African working class more than it does in any of the months.

False national identity, the great deception

In December, this so-called festive season in South Africa sees black versions of Santa Clause take the stage in a way to show off the ‘multicultural’ nature of South Africa–all the while, South Africans (white settlers), condescendingly come to the townships to explain to the people our plight, doling out shreds of charity here and there.

The ghetto fills up with the air of complacency as there is the dissonance of being oppressed and dispersed African people suffering under a foreign government and the illusion of being free and granted acceptance by the same sinister force imposing on our lives–and therefore the only result in the townships is violence. 

This violence comes in the form of horizontal violence indeed, but it also comes in the form of violence against the African Nation through our way of relating with each other politically and economically, i.e. spending large amounts of money we do not have on white people’s businesses, buying everything they have conditioned us to want.

The reason behind this attack is the national identity that we have been given by colonizers that occupy our homeland and our people’s lives, beginning from 1652 with the pillaging that would initiate more pillaging, colonialism and thus the birth of South Africa. 

And so, while imperialism is bragging about itself during the ‘festive season’ as having the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ it is actually the ‘crime that keeps on stealing’—from black people.

The South African State and all colonial borders on Our Africa obscure our national identity. 

Colonial institutions are guilty of attacking our national identity so that we sustain the lives of the colonizers economically through the way they arrange us politically. 

This is the reason for the December hype that is used as a vehicle of attack on the people.

South Africa is against Africans

It is therefore our duty to grasp the contradiction that this country has put forth to us.

It is important to understand that African people have our own nation; being against any and all involvement of South Africa is a responsible thing to do, for the rise of Africa as a nation. 

This means that the existence of these false national holidays (which are things that unite us with our oppressors), Santa Clause, the Friday frenzies of white corporations taking advantage of African people and the heightened desperation as a result of this, are all problems that can only exist because South Africa exists.

The only thing that is going to be left in our hands as the people, without organization, is the dryness of the following year as the basis for the rest of the year.

The South African government spends billions in servicing the pleasures of the bourgeoisie and their petty bourgeoisie spawn. 

To reject the contradictions put into our lives by South Africa is to reject the South African government.

This is why we must consolidate our identity as a people. We are African.

What we can do – Build InPDUM in South Africa, the people’s organization!

The Uhuru Movement in South Africa, through the Party, is building the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement-South Africa (InPDUM-South Africa), a mass organization that is geared to put black poor people into our own consciousness and allows us to take power over our own lives.

Our efforts in doing this have shown us that the black working class is not weak and impotent—we are the most important force in overturning these contradictions that plague us. 

Colonialism and capitalism must go! South Africa must go!

InPDUM has been working on the building of organizational structures that the people need in order to break free from this neocolonial spell cast by charlatans such as Cyril Ramaphosa, the African National Congress, the Democratic Alliance and all major parties that represent white power in all kinds of ways and faces.

African people are not suffering all the time willingly: we are fighting all the time, but are being taught by white power that war is not happening. 

So what must we do? 

We must end all the lies that come to us whenever white power and white people’s puppets speak; We must reject all the claims that we are free because we can give white people money; We must reject all education from this government in any time of the year that tries to tell us what to do with our struggle for power. 

African people don’t need ‘fun’ or ‘happy hours’—we need and will take our freedom!

Build InPDUM in South Africa! 

Smash neo-colonialism and false national identity! 

We are not South Africans – we are Africans! 


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