Day One – The training of African revolutionaries at month-long Party Intensive in St Pete

Editors note: Today is the first day in a month-long process of an African People's Socialist Party Intensive designed to train capable cadre charged with the completion of the African Revolution to victory.

We will report here on Uhuru News/Burning Spear Newspaper Online the daily activity of the collective cadre who are in St Petersburg, Florida to become the best revolutionaries they can be. So stay tuned in daily. On Sunday, July 6, 4:00 pm Eastern see on TV a live report to the Intensive by Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford.

Today was the first day of the Cadre Intensive sponsored by the African Peoples Socialist Party. It was a monumental occurrence.

Africans and our allies from various parts of Europe and North America converged on St Petersburg, Florida to commence this month long process.  Before it is over, the Cadre Intensive will be attended by forces from Africa as well.

For those of us who have already been a part of the UHURU movement or the African People’s Socialist Party, this day served as a reunion. For others it was an introduction to some of the best sons and daughters of Africa.

The day was opened up with the raising of the red, black, and green flag, upon the pole at the Uhuru House, the international headquarters of the Party. As we raised the flag, Chairman Omali Yeshitela explained to us the flag’s significance, especially in the context of our efforts to consolidate revolutionary national consciousness amongst the African nation.

The actual intensive was commenced by Gaida Kambon, Secretary General (SG) of the APSP.  SG Gaida had everyone in the room introduce themselves and state why we wanted to attend the intensive.

SG Gaida then set off some chants that will be used throughout the intensive process. For example:

Call: who are you?
Response: we are the African people's socialist party, comrade!

Call: what is your task?
Response: to make the revolution!

Call: why are you here?
Response: to become a cadre comrade!

The room was shaking, as more than 20 cadre forces cried out in unison.

After SG Gaida, Chairman Omali Yeshitela took to the podium. From the beginning of his overview the Chairman reminded us that we are not here to attend an event, but that we are here to work.

The Chairman’s presence was powerful. It was reminiscent of scenes in which some of the greatest leaders in the revolution addressed their forces: Garvey, Lenin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, or Castro.

The Chairman reminded us that we must be prepared to govern, and that there is nothing that we as oppressed people should not be willing to do to be free and to have the right to govern ourselves.

He stated that the objective of the intensive is for the International African Revolution to fund its own training process- something that has never been done before.

The Chairman touched on many of the qualities that a cadre must have and how the intensive is designed to instill those qualities in cadre of the APSP. Individualism, subjectivism, or opportunism have no place in the revolutionary process, he stated.

Before concluding his presentation, the Chairman summed up the current world situation – exposing the glaring weaknesses and crisis imperialism and neo-colonialism is now confronted with. "U.S and European imperialism have nowhere else to go, no more hosts to suck the blood of."

Moreover he pointed out that in those places where imperialism maintains neo-colonial domination over peoples, even those neo-colonial governments have proven to be unreliable and incapable of dealing with the growing resistance of the masses. The situation in Iraq, and the growing insurgency there, is evidence of this.

The Chairman summed up how this crisis spells opportunity for African internationalists, if only we strike out and take it.  This intensive will show us how to seize the time, in every way.

Followed by the Chairman was a lecture on the cadre values of the Party, given by comrade Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary General of the African Socialist International (ASI).

SG Luwezi’s presentation was brilliant, expounding on each and every value listed in the intensive manual, and helping everyone present understand what the stance of a cadre should be.

Before adjournment, there was an overview given by Penny Hess, chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee (APSC).


 Chairwoman Hess opened up with a scientific overview of the political basis of the existence of APSC, as a strategic front of the party's work; to infuse the North American (white) community itself with an African Internationalist world view.

 In addition Comrade Hess explained the process we will be involved in for the next month- in terns of division of labor and organization of party units amongst each team identified at the intensive. The experience is to simulate the real experience of being a part of a party unit, the most basic organizational entity in the Party.

After all was said and done we went outside and lowered the red black and green flag, before going to a collective bar-b-que!

We look forward to day two!


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