Day 6 – The training of African revolutionaries at Party Intensive in St Petersburg, Florida

Today like every day during the cadre training we start the morning session raising our glorious RBG flag. Bakari gave a security overview and like always SG Gaida Kambon give us a short welcome speech.
The stuy of this morning was "The African Nation" by Chairman Omali Yeshitela!
It was a great presentation.
Chairman says about the African Nation:
… "Africans around the world are catching hell" …
Wherever we go we always try to look for Africans…Whites in Africa should unite with African working class.
White people have to commit national suicide to be considered nationals in Africa. Race was constructed by the European nation to claim whiteness superior and blackness inferior as a way to justify the theft of our resources.
The Berlin conference 1884/1885 white people divided Africa into the borders we see today. The borders facilitate extraction of African resources to the white world.And one of my favourite parts was when he says about the essence of sameness…
At 1:00 pm SG Gaida opened the afternoon session introducing SG Luwezi Kinshasa showed a short documentary on the science of Egypt and his research on the real African history and culture.
Particularly my favourite quote from Luwezi’s presentation was:
" We didn't have black magic we had black science"
Following Luwezi’s presentation we had a lengthy discussion where comrades asked questions about the Olmec civilization of Mexico, the medicine of ancient Egypt, agriculture, cosmetics and the exploitation by modern pharmaceutical corporations.
The video documentary showed that Luwezi showed drew a comparison between ancient Egyptian surgical tools with today's modern surgical tools, which showed that the ancient tool out-performed the tools of today.
The rest of afternoon session called for the units to finish the POA’s for the scenarios that were given to us on the first day.
Around 6 pm comrade Fenty arrived at Uhuru house and everyone welcomed him with a rallying cry of Uhuru! Fenty came a week late because of the State intervention in an attempt to prevent his participation in the intensive.
Fenty was one of the 3 Africans from Sierra Leone who were scheduled to attend the Cadre intensive. However due to similar travel contradictions, the other comrades were unable to attend.
We look forward to his participation here!
After everybody saluted our comrade from Sierra Leone we had 20 mins for the last details of our  POA's (Plan of Action) before sending it for review to the POA panel!
This was the end of our Cadre training today 10/07/2014 and of course SG Gaida announced the end of the day summing up the incredible process of the cadre intensive.
We look forward to Day 7!


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