Day 4 – The Training of African revolutionaries at monthlong Party Intensive in St Petersburg, Florida

Reporting to you live from the Cadre Intensive of the African People's Socialist Party and Chairman Omali Yeshitela here in the City of African Resistance, St. Petersburg, Florida!!!

This report was written by Cadre Intensive Unit 4 –comprised of five members of the African People's Solidarity Committee, the organization of white people formed by and working under the leadership of the African People's Socialist Party.

APSC is incredibly honored to be participating in this intensive, and only four days in, it has already deepened and re-shaped our understandings of our role in this world as an oppressor nation, why any genuine white communist must be committed to reparations to African people, and why we must internalize the Chairman's theory of African Internationalism as our own worldview.
As the day began the comrades walked outside to raise up the glorious national colors of the African nation – the Red, the Black, and the Green – the largest and most beautiful flag gracing the skies of St. Petersburg.
After a brief sum-up by SG Gaida of the previous day’s study of dialectical materialism, Chairman Omali Yeshitela called on the Cadre participants to come up to the microphone and say in their own words why THEORY is so important for us to grasp.

All of the Party cadre who went to the mic expressed a common theme: African workers need a theory of their own, a theory that advances the interests, aspirations of the African working class and exposes the true history and identity of African people.

In his presentation on African Internationalism, Chairman showed how the unity of European or white power is fracturing today because the oppressed and divided colonized peoples of the world are fighting to dissolve the false borders laid down by the imperialists— from Africa to Iraq.
"Look at what's happening in Iraq today. You have the Islamic State taking up this land and the white people are going crazy saying they are changing borders. Why can't borders be changed now? Because the borders were created by Europe – France, England. THEY created the borders. What is now undermining the whole European national project is the struggle of the people to rearrange our lives according to our own requirements. So that the struggle to produce and reproduce life goes to satisfy our own requirements, not the requirements of Europe."

After engaging discussion with the audience, we broke for lunch and then re-gathered for an overview from comrade Chimurenga Waller on how to carry out the outreach tactic known as “drops” – dropping literature at households in the neighborhoods that we target to saturate with African Internationalist propaganda.

The units then went out into the community to carry out the drops method of outreach with a new InPDUM brochure promoting the programs of the Party and the Uhuru Movement, and the APSC unit focused on building the upcoming event at University of South Florida St Petersburg on July 15th where Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Secretary General of African Socialist International Luwezi Kinshasa and Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee will be speaking. The event will be at 6:30pm, 140 7th Ave S, Davis 130, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Following a summation of the outreach experience, the units were called back up to the microphone to report on their collective responses to assigned quiz questions relating to the content of the Chairman’s presentation from earlier in the day on African Internationalism.

The comrades dug deep into the theory and conveyed African Internationalist understandings of parasitic capitalism, primitive accumulation of capital, why capitalism is born of imperialism and more.
SG Luwezi talked about the insidious nature of charity as a politic that is used to assault Africa and African people, and is hugely popular within white society from the Uk to the US, reinforcing the importance of APSC’s work to bust up the charity politic in the white community and win white people to unite with reparations as the genuine progressive stance.
The cadre intensive, only four days, is a transformative experience.
With each day, with each study, with each cadre who is forged into a steeled fighting revolutionary in this process, the future of a liberated, united Africa and a world without imperialist white power feels closer and closer.

Forward the African Revolution!
Reparations to Africa and African People!



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