Day 16: The training of African revolutionaries at Party Intensive in St Petersburg, Florida

The Cadre Intensive of the African People's Socialist Party took part in International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement's weekly Sunday Rally, July 20th taking place at Akwaaba Hall at the Uhuru House.
 Fenty Tholly and Aisha Fields mc’ed, starting off with the African Pledge.  Aisha then welcomed Chairman Omali Yeshitela as “today's Marcus Garvey.”

The Chairman put forward Fenty Tholly and Ka Meritah, who struggled to get  here from West and North Africa even though European and U.S. imperialism imposes severe travel restrictions on Africans on their own land, pointing out that white people don't face these draconian laws that restricts travel to and from Africa.

Chairman began by explaining the history of the African Liberation Movement and how it was defeated in the sixties.

He explained how the African Socialist International provides the way forward for the liberation of African people, an organization that has the ability to defend African people from imperialist attacks everywhere in the world.

He moved on to the topic of counterinsurgency, bringing forth the Israel's viscous genocidal war against the Palestinians.

The creation of Israel as a white nationalist settler state served to protect the interest of U.S. and European imperialism, containing the Arab masses in the entire middle east.

Chairman Omali explained how the Holocaust of the Jews is used as a weapon against oppressed peoples, denying Africans and Indigenous peoples as victims of genocide by European imperialism.

Chairman gave historical analysis to the twisted opportunism of Zionists who have murdered hundreds of Palestinian babies, women and men in recent days, for it was the Germans who killed Jews not the Palestinians.

The fact that a Holocaust  Museum would be built on stolen land of Indigenous peoples while colonized African community just blocks away, is deeply offensive to African people.

Before the Holocaust, genocide began with the enslavement of Africans and the attack on indigenous peoples by Europeans.

Chairman guided the discussion to define counterinsurgency. Counterinsurgency  is a science to keep colonized people oppressed for the benefit of colonial European powers.

The fundamental function of counterinsurgency is population, resource control and displacing poverty.

Following the Chairman’s presentation, a powerful call for resources was made and the goal was surpassed as the crowd cheered to “Ain’t no Stoppin’ us Now!”

The call for membership by Chimuringa Waller won 2 InPDUM members and 2 sponsored prisoner memberships.

Chairwoman Penny Hess of the African People's Solidarity Committee called for white people to recognize that the genocide against Palestinian people is the same genocide of Mexican and African people inside the U.S.

She called on white people to join APSC and build Days in Solidarity with African people in their area.

Aisha Fields announced the Black is Back Conference on August 16 and 17 and the InPDUM Convention on Semptember 20th and 21st.

Chairman also mentioned that they honor Marcus Garvey, celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the creation of UNIA and 127th birthday of Garve

He also mentioned a women's meeting in March of next year, to form an African women's commission.

The day ended with the flag retrieval and a delicious karamu dinner. 



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