Dakota Bright, four others murdered by Chicago police in one week

CHICAGO—My name is Korvell Curry and I have been a victim of police brutality by physical force and visual force caused by the Chicago Police Department.
Police brutality in Chicago has become a norm to the eyes of the people in Chicago. I feel it is important to report and expose this corrupt police department who has been carrying out these horrific crimes and curriculum in the African community in Chicago for decades.
On November 8, 2012, at around 4pm, after school hours, a teenager by the name of Dakota Bright, a 15-year-old Paul Robeson High School student, was coming from the residence of his friend, who he knew since grade school.
Dakota was heading to his grandmother’s house to check in with her.
As he made his way to his grandmother’s house, which was his daily routine after school, he was fatally interrupted by the CPD who claimed that Dakota was in possession of a firearm in which he allegedly pointed it towards an officer, which he clearly did not have motive to do.
In result of these allegations reported by the CPD, Dakota was chased down and shot execution style in the back of the head.
As the officer shot and fatally wounded Dakota Bright, he died instantly.
Dakota laid on the ground a block from his grandmother’s house for over five hours.
CPD officials released the reason for Dakota staying on the scene for so long was to “find” the very gun that Dakota allegedly pointed at an officer.
The officer’s name was never released.
As Dakota’s life was taken away before his time, his family cannot get any type of cooperation from any city officials or of course CPD officials.
The result of this fatal crime carried out on this teenager leaves a very big hole in Dakota’s family that can never be filled.
Panzy Bright, Dakota’s mother, has been protesting and speaking out on her son’s murder by the true killers and gangsters of the Chicago Police Department.
Dakota’s mother, family and friends have brought attention to Dakota’s murder across the city because within the same week four more teenagers have been shot down and killed on the westside, southside and suburbs of Chicago’s African community.
We are now hoping to encourage these other four families of the teenage victims of murder caused by our very own “protectors and servers” of the community, the Chicago Police Department.
These things will not even get shown on the news anywhere in Chicago to keep the masses of people in Chicago blinded by these horrific facts.
We are informing people to encourage others to speak out not only on their family’s own tragic events caused by CPD, but other African communities as well in Chicago so that the rest of the world can understand why we will not receive national press on the 500 murders right here in the African community in 2012 alone.
Chicago is calling out so that the world can see and hear our pain that imperialism has brought on our African communities here on Chicago’s north, west, east, and south sides.
Police show force, harassment at funeral proceedings
On November 16, from the funeral, a statement was released by Dakota’s family to Chicago as a warning: “Today the family was more than disrespected by Chicago police, while trying to lay Dakota to rest there were helicopters and a mob of police following the funeral procession. The police told one of our cousins to ‘shut the fuck up before you get fucked up next.’ They had rifles in their hands as if we were in a third world country at war. They are trying to scare us but we are not letting up on these killers.”
As of 11/25/12, the family still has not received an autopsy report, police report or death certificate.
http://uhurunews.com/imagecache/content/news/stories/2012-11/dakota/302816_455380004526539_1387179818_n_jpg-CONVERT-resize=400.jpg style=”width:400px;”>

Dakota Bright laying dead and handcuffed while Chicago police take five hours to find his alleged weapon, or to bring in their own weapon to plant on the scene.


See the video of Fox news being put on blast. We have to report on our own issues and rely on our own media that speaks to our own interests.
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