Cuba says no thanks to OAS membership

Earlier this month, the Organization of American States, or OAS, made the decision to revoke a resolution that excluded Cuba from membership at its 39th General Assembly held in Honduras. The resolution had been upheld for nearly 50 years as part of the U.S. imposed isolation of the people and government of Cuba as a response to the heroic Cuban revolution that overturned the U.S.-supported puppet regime of Fulgencio Batista.

Batista’s regime was overthrown in 1959. Shortly after, the U.S. government, with the support of other imperialist governments, imposed economic embargos on Cuba to starve out the people and made numerous attempts to assassinate Cuban government officials.

The OAS, functioning as a tool to maintain U.S. imperialism’s hegemony in the Western hemisphere, passed a resolution revoking Cuba’s membership and supporting the embargos on Cuba in 1962.

True to form as a U.S. tool, the OAS decision came off the heels of attempts by the U.S. government to use neocolonial president Barack Obama to entice the Cuban government abandon its revolution and join into the parasitic relationship that imperialism imposes on the rest of the world. This is clearly part of the larger strategy that has sent Obama around the world using his black face to entice colonized peoples around the world to join the dying forces of imperialism to maintain the parasitic imperialist world order.

The neocolonial Obama regime has offered the OAS membership to Cuba stating that Cuba must embrace “democratic principles” first. If the so-called democracy enjoyed by Africans, Mexicans and other colonized peoples inside the U.S. is any indication, this demand to embrace democratic principles must mean that the U.S. wants the Cuban to wage war on its own people in the interests of U.S. imperialism.

And what was the Cuban government’s response to this offer to rejoin the OAS? Thanks but no thanks. Cuba has made clear that it has no intentions of joining the U.S. puppet organization.

In statements released before the decision to lift the resolution, former Cuban president Fidel Castro stated that the OAU “has a history that collects all the trash of 60 years of betrayal of the people of Latin America.”

He has also said, “We don’t even want to hear about the infamous name of that organization. It offends us to believe that we are interested in joining OAS. The train of history has long gone by and Insulza hasn’t realized yet. At some moment many countries will apologize for having belonged to that organization.”

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