Crying black cop is still a pig working for white power

Charlotte, NC­­––As Charlotte police continued to battle courageous Africans in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, a Negro cop was caught shedding a tear.

The African cop was asked by Africans protesting in the streets whether “his job was worth the black lives killed.” It was at that moment that a photograph captured the cop crying. 

Africans were uprising in response to the murder of fellow African Keith Lamont Scott by Charlotte police. Keith was reading a book in his car while waiting for his children to come home from school when he was approached by cops and ultimately shot and killed.

The crying Negro cop obviously had a brief moment of self-reflection, possibly realizing that he was on the wrong side of the line. It’s no secret that this black pig was helping to protect “massa” (the State) from an army of resisting Africans. It’s also no secret that the same State that he was protecting would just as easily have him killed.

The police are an occupying military force of the colonial State, placed in our communities to protect the political and economic interests of the white ruling class, at the expense of Africans and other colonized peoples.

Thus, there is no such thing as a “good cop.” All cops are working to protect the interest of the colonial State­­––even the crying ones.

A crying African cop is just a weeping pig

The only way for this weeping cop to make recompense and get on the right side of the issue is to commit class suicide.

This includes severing all ties with the ruling class, leaving his job as a pig and all of the benefits that came along with the position.

The only interests that the black cops should be interested in and working towards are those of the African working class.

An African cop shedding tears while still protecting the interests of the ruling class is still an act of treason against the African working class.

The International Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) understands that whether a pig is crying, or playing basketball, or serving ice cream to Africans, they are still a pig.; they are still an arm of the State.

Get these pigs off our backs!

The function of the State is to oppress Africans. A black cop is simply white power in black face. They are neocolonial puppets of the ruling class.

In order to take control of our African communities, InPDUM demands Black Community Control of the Police!

Black Community Control of the Police doesn’t mean neocolonial puppets such as the crying black cop. It means power in the hands of the African community.

It would give the community the power to hire, fire, and jail the police who walk the streets of our communities.

Black Community Control of the Police means getting these oppressive and killer pigs off our backs!



We demand Black Community Control of the Police!

Fists Up! Fight Back!



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