Coronavirus: a tipping point in the fall of the economic power of U.S. imperialism

The crisis sparked by the Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire capitalist economy, forcing the white bourgeoisie rulers to lock down most of white society and oppressed colonized nations, disguised as an aim to stop the spread of the virus.

The cancellation of major national and international sports tournaments and championships, musical festivals and all other major shows is part of the narrative to obscure the real aim of the bourgeoisie: to maintain the status quo that would otherwise be challenged by African workers and other colonized and oppressed peoples.

Our struggle for power is the basis for panic and fear in the corporation boardrooms!

Anxiety and incertitude are taking root in the colonizer population.

African Internationalists are leading the charge to win everybody to understand that white nation leaders cannot solve the challenges revealed to white people by this crisis because this capitalist system is based on profit, sitting atop the foundation of world colonialism.

The capitalist health system is built on generating profit for its capitalist owners, not on the needs of the people.

It is not Coronavirus that requests a health system based on profit; it is the decision of the colonial-capitalist ruling class.

This is why we say the real enemy is the colonial-capitalist ruling class, who cannot solve the various problems of providing testing kits, masks, free care units, care against Coronavirus and all other viruses, let alone even think of providing free housing, free education, etc.

This is because everything is based on profit and private ownership of the means of production for the bourgeoisie.

Coronavirus is not responsible for the lack of all these rights and facilities, it is the white bourgeois ruling class who is primarily responsible, against whom we need to fight and win.

This imperialist crisis was here before Coronavirus

The Coronavirus crisis is just a historical catalyst of this new round of colonial crisis.

We have to distinguish this process initiated by the ruling class to stop the spread of the virus, such as social distancing, washing your hands, etc. from an imperialist process to stop the tilting balance of power in the world at the expense of U.S.-led white power.

The lock down process, which is secondary, must not be allowed to obscure the process of change of the balance of power in the world, which is primary.

The African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela, in his report to the plenary, gave a summation that captures the existential threat experienced by the white ruling class all over the planet:

“The economic configuration of the world is undergoing transformation at this very moment.

“Trade wars between China and the U.S.; the Brexit crisis that has paralyzed England politically and disrupted strategic assumptions of capitalist development in Europe and the world; the growing split between the wealthy north and poorer south threatening the future of Spain.

“The disruptive emergence of an energized if economically challenged Russia contesting U.S. hegemony in the Middle East and upsetting the balance of forces in Europe and elsewhere; the audacious China that sometimes aligned with Russia, is increasingly willing to openly contend with the U.S., these are just a few of the examples of an imperialism experiencing existential crisis.”

As you can see, it is the process to negate the power of U.S.-led western power that is creating fear in the heart of white power.

The entire Uhuru Movement from South Africa to The Bahamas, from the U.S. to Ghana and throughout Europe, is a part of the process to negate the power of imperialist white power.

We African people, under the leadership of the African Socialist International, are united with all of the struggles of the nations and peoples of the world in order to deepen this crisis of imperialism by taking back our resources, without which imperialist white power cannot survive.

Imperialist white power must be kicked out of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and out of the Americas, too.

Coronavirus, deepening the financial crisis of capitalism

The Coronavirus crisis is a new phase of an old ongoing imperialist crisis that the bourgeoisie cannot solve, saying otherwise is a lie.

The bourgeois paper has said that unemployment is rising 20 times faster than during the 2008 financial crisis in the U.S.

In the 2008 financial crisis, it was the bankers who got bailed out at the expense of colonized and poor people in the U.S., throughout Europe and in Africa.

The cost of living in Africa and everywhere else skyrocketed as the result of this transfer of resources to the parasitic white ruling class around the world.

You would think that under the Coronavirus crisis, the hospitals, doctors, nurses and patients would be the primary beneficiaries of any financial stimulus, but it is the bankers and the corporations that will share Donald Trump’s $2 trillion and Boris Johnson’s £350 billion stimulus packages.

France, Germany, Italy and the rest of the EU leaders have also given away huge amounts of money to their ruling class to survive the crisis.

There is nothing medical about it.

This is our money coming from our unpaid and underpaid labor, our minerals, such as gold, coltan, diamond and copper, and our agricultural products such as cacao, tea, coffee, timber, tuna, etc.

We want it for ourselves.

There is free money for the bourgeoisie, stolen from colonized and oppressed peoples, but there is no free testing equipment, masks, gloves, free care, etc. for the people.

The bourgeoisie cannot solve the problems of the people, as it is the primary motive to secure profit and private control of means of production.

That is why the bourgeoisie is involved in wars without end in Africa and all over the world.

The struggle for white solidarity initiated by our Chairman is a historic and strategic part of deepening the crisis of imperialism, by widening the wedge between white people and their ruling class, under the leadership of our Party.

For those disenchanted or dissatisfied with the bourgeois ruling class, the only honest response is to join the African Revolution, by fighting for reparations to Africa and the African Nation, and deepening the understanding of the strategic dependency of white colonial nations on Africa’s resources.

A mass movement for reparations inside the white community led by our Party will contribute to the process of starving the bourgeoisie from any possibility of transferring our resources to the white world.

African petty bourgeoisie must go, African workers must lead

The unpreparedness of the African petty bourgeoisie and the extreme poverty aggravated by neocolonial governments throughout Africa are pointing to a major disaster with the arrival of Coronavirus in Africa.

No excuse from the African petty bourgeoisie will be tolerated!

The days of “we are all black people” are over!

Now, we all must be black people under the leadership of the African working class, anything else is status quo.

The African petty bourgeoisie has had about 60 years of power in Africa, the Americas and elsewhere and our nation is still oppressed, looted and exploited by foreign forces.

To deepen this crisis, we must win all workers, poor peasants and all honest forces inside our nation to a new phase of national liberation struggle.

The only way is to join your local African People’s Socialist Party, contact us or initiate an application at

The All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) and The People’s War strategy are just two examples of our efforts to mobilize and win everyone to fight the Coronavirus on our own terms.

We cannot forget for one second that our main enemy is colonialism.

The rebuilding of the African Revolution for Black Power is our long-term goal, which will allow us to defeat all viruses.

Fight the Coronavirus!

Defeat colonialism!

Death to imperialism!

Victory to the African Nation!


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