Congress resolutions put Party policies into action


As a Party that exemplified the unity of theory and action, the resolutions of the Congress covered a broad range of actions that will be taken up following the Congress.
The Political Report to the Congress, which is already in the process of being printed in book form, was adopted and generated resolutions for action that will determine much of the Party’s upcoming work.
Some of the powerful resolutions to the Congress included the following:
The Resolution Against Immigration Assaults on African People resolved that the African People’s Socialist Party “will do all within our power to eradicate all immigration controls with the UK and other imperialist centers, and to win popular support for this position, both within the U.S. and throughout the world.”
The Resolution to Combat the Mass Incarceration of African People called for “the immediate release of all African people locked down in U.S. prisons and the complete destruction of the colonial prison system” and building of the African National Prison Organization.
The Resolution presented by the African People’s Solidarity Committee calling for Reparations to African People from the White Population, struggled for “all white people to actively work for reparations to African people as the key to peace and justice on the planet by returning the stolen resources to the African Revolution under the leadership of the African Socialist international.”
The Resolution on the Building of the Youth Wing of the Party recognized that “the future of the African community and our struggle for liberation is in the hands of young African workers,” and called for the Party to build its youth wing with the acronym of JOMO which will organize young Africans and “introduce the revolutionary science of African Internationalism into the struggles waged by and in the interests of African youth.”
The Resolution to Win the Revolutionary National Democratic Program stated that “The African People’s Socialist Party will struggle to win acceptance of the Revolutionary National Democratic Program, the program that responds to the colonial conditions experienced by African people inside the U.S. and throughout North America.
This resolution recognizes that African people in North America and throughout the world are part of a dispersed African nation that must reunite with each other and with Africans on the continent to liberate Africa. It resolved that the RNDP be adopted by the domestically colonized African population of the U.S. “as the popular program of our people to be achieved in the pursuit of democracy, political power and social justice.”
The Resolution to Combat the Specific Oppression of African Women laid out the Party’s commitment to “end the political and social oppression and economic exploitation of African women.”
It called for the “urgent establishment of the African National Women’s Organization, which will defend, provide revolutionary political education and bring African women into organized political life.”


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