Commercial Toxins

Commercial toxins
Diamond tongued Einstein lyricists
Battle wrapped
in battle raps
by bourgeois imperialists
Inferior tricks
meant to pull Brothers off corners
Like hoes
in economic porno flicks
Yet it’s much more than this

Puppeteers cluttering the strings
In the tongues of black voice
Read it across paychecks
Why is their pay checked?
Because their voice is a slave
Play dead
or another grave is wet.
So the stage is set.

What a career!
An artist raped of his paint,
No paint to paint

His life in a mirror.
“Use these crayons,
color these cars
glorify genocide,
while we get ours!”
That’s the crack of the whip
My Brother
why don’t you abandon ship
you’re being exploited like a whore,
fucked by a corporate d—,
My Brother!

It’s sick!
My tears drown nothing
drenching a void,
a parable told not to preach something
Reach for a breach
Break the bonds of slavery,

Gold-laced gag tied by capitalistic bravery.
Like a demon after the soul,
rip it from their body
it’s the glory or shed.

Sacrificial pawns
in a game of bourgeois chess
Black & white on the same team
sliding a noose around each of your necks
a breath of success
Held by the razors
palmed to the left in your chest.
Liberate your voices
and cut free your necks!
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