Chicago police murder two more Africans: family member calls for “revenge”

CHICAGO—On Christmas weekend, the Chicago pigs’ hands are bloodied once again with the blood of two more innocent African people.
At 4:15am, coming home from a Christmas party, Antonio LeGrier supposedly got into a familial altercation with his son, Quintonio. Antonio later said his son was “a little irate”.
Antonio made the horrible mistake of calling the police, expecting them to act as a mediating force to resolve his dispute with his son.
Moments later he found his son, who was a college sophomore on holiday vacation, dead in a puddle of his own blood, along with their 55 year old neighbor, Bettie Jones, in the foyer of their apartment building.
Saturday’s shooting came in the midst of mass protests in Chicago over the October 2014 police murder of Laquan McDonald by white cop James Van Dyke, whose vicious slaying of the 17 year old McDonald was captured on videotape.
When the news of Saturday’s murder broke, the police and mayor scrambled to come up with a public relations strategy to appease the angered African masses.
What they came up with is that they only meant to kill one of the Africans, the teenager, and they killed the 55 year old woman “by accident.”
This “explanation” is an expression of pure contempt for African people by our colonial oppressors.
Neither the murder of Quintonio LeGrier nor the murder of Bettie Jones is justifiable! Both are acts of colonial slaughter by an occupation army so commonplace in African communities in this country.
LeGrier and Jones are murder victims
Quintonio LeGrier is as much a victim of Chicago PD genocide against black people as Bettie Jones.
The police do not show up in apartment buildings in African communities to help father and son make amends. They show up there to do exactly what they did in that building on December 26: shoot to kill, exterminate everything that moves, like the military occupying thugs that they are.
This is the same Chicago police department that worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigations on December 4, 1969 to invade the home of Chicago Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton and riddle him with bullets while he slept in his bed next to his pregnant wife.
The Chicago police have kidnapped 3500 people over the past decade and stuffed them in Black Ops secret detention center called Homan Square for torture and interrogation, 80 percent of which have been Africans.
The Chicago pigs are not bad apples!
They are armed thugs deployed by the colonial State, the military apparatus of coercion created to protect the status quo of an oppressive system in which African people are exploited and colonized for the benefit of the U.S. ruling class and general white population.
This is why African people must seize control of the state and create our own security capacity to defend and protect our communities against any oppressor who would desire to harm any African person, whether it’s a teenager or a fifty-five-year-old woman.
The murders of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones came only four days after a Waller County, Texas grand jury no-billed those responsible for the murder of Sandra Bland.
And two days following the murders, we learn that a grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio refused to indict the pigs responsible for murdering 12 year old Tamir Rice in a park as he played.
Just as in the case of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we must bring the Black People’s Grand Jury to Chicago to have a real trial of those who murder us with impunity.
Black Community Control of the Police!
Justice for Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones!
Put the Chicago Police Department On Trial!

What about the black commumity, Obama!

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