Charleston massacre proves need for African liberation and self-government

As The Burning Spear was going to press, a white gunman opened fire inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, slaughtering nine black women and men, including one person who died at the hospital in the aftermath of the massacre.

Many of the details concerning the shooting were unknown at The Spear’s press time.

The police identified 21-year­old Dylan Roof as the killer and characterized the terrorist attack as a “hate crime,” a designation given to certain actions designed to cloak their political character with a purely subjective designation.

Video footage of Roof showed a man who wore emblems from the Apartheid South African and settler-colonialist Rhodesian regimes that, like the U.S., were conceived through the theft of land and enslavement of African people.

Witnesses also stated that Roof intentionally left three survivors to be able to tell what had happened.

Roof was said to have responded to pleas for their lives by his black victims with a declaration that he had to kill them because African people rape white women and are taking over the U.S.

None of this was mentioned by U.S. attorney general Loretta Lynch nor president Barack Hussein Obama when they spoke to the press on June 18, 2015, the day after the brutal murders.

Lynch made the usual promise of a thorough investigation to determine the approach by the U.S. justice department to the killings.

Central to Obama’s statement was the need to control gun violence, ignoring the fact that whites have murdered Africans in the U.S. and elsewhere with an assortment of weapons, including ropes, fire, floggings and anything else that had lethal consequences.

The historic significance of Mother Emanuel, Denmark Vesey

Lynch nor Obama mentioned that Charleston, South Carolina borders North Charleston, South Carolina, where Walter Scott was gunned down by eight shots in the back by a white man in a police uniform, sanctioned by law to maim and kill African people in the U.S.

These were things the U.S. and local governments could not acknowledge.

They would destroy all the attempts to isolate the murder of the nine Africans as an act for which a single white man must be held responsible, if they did so, instead of identifying it as a part of our colonial condition in the U.S.

Some of the reports of the Charleston church massacre mentioned that Emanuel AME, locally referred to as Mother Emanuel, is an historic institution.

This mention, however, does not do justice to the fact that it was in the basement of the original church that Denmark Vesey plotted a slave uprising that would have been the largest in the U.S. had it not been betrayed by snitches.

The Mother Emanuel Massacre was carried out one day before the 193-year anniversary of the planned Denmark Vesey uprising. Vesey and 34 others were executed for attempting to be free in 1822.

As an example to all the Africans, Emanuel AME was burned to the ground by local whites. 193 years later we are reminded that the freedom sought by Denmark Vesey has still not been attained.

Vesey had planned a rebellion that would result in our freedom. His plan was that freed Africans would leave the U.S. and join the newly liberated black Republic of Haiti.

Vesey was correct. We cannot continue to fight our oppression incident-by-incident, police murder by police murder. We must fight for and attain total independence, absolute liberation from the U.S. colonial State.

We must fight for and attain the liberation and unification of our African nation, our magnificent African Motherland and our people forcibly dispersed throughout the world.

Join and support the African People’s Socialist Party and prepare for self-government! Independence in our Lifetime!


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