Charges against all six cops who murdered Freddie Gray have been dropped

BALTIMORE—Baltimore State attorney Marilyn Mosby and the Baltimore State Attorney’s Office decided to drop all charges against the three remaining cops charged with murdering 25-year-old African Freddie Gray on July 27, 2016.

There were six cops initially charged with the murder of Freddie and all of them have now been acquitted.

Freddie was murdered by Baltimore police on April 12, 2015 after his body was twisted “like a pretzel” by the pigs. They pounded Freddie’s body into the pavement as he lay screaming, then threw him into the back of a police van. The incident was caught on video.

Baltimore is a city with a majority African (black) population. The mayor, the prosecutor, and the judge presiding over Freddie’s case were all African. This should prove to anyone in doubt that simple reform will never stop the State from killing Africans.

Putting a black face in the seat of white power is simply a way to control restless Africans. It is white power in blackface. It is neocolonialism.

The State is full of tricks

The State never intended to indict any of their cops in the murder of Freddie. During the magnificent Baltimore uprising in April 2015, neocolonialist puppet Mosby used her black face to quell the African anger by rushing to charge six of her cops.

Once the uprising was smothered, Mosby then went back to business as usual, charging and sentencing young Africans who stood up to the State during the uprising.

Mosby has convicted numerous Africans of so-called crimes and sentenced them to years in prison. In fact, it was she who ordered an increased police presence in the days before Freddie was captured and killed in the same exact area.

We need Black Community Control of the Police!

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is clear that we want no part in the U.S. system at all. We can never depend on a system that was founded on the murder of Africans to punish itself. It will never happen.

We need Black Community Control of the Police! Africans need the power to control everything in our communities. We need the power to train, hire, fire and prosecute any police in the African community.

If we had black community control of the police, the pigs that chased Freddie down would have never been in the African community in the first place. It would mean that a neocolonialist such as Mosby would have never been able to dole out “justice” in the name of white power.

If you want control over your own African life, join the APSP now by registering at:


Demand Black Community Control Of Police!

Africans Resist!

Long live Freddie Gray!





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