Chairman Omali’s whirlwind 2013 tour builds up to historic Sixth Congress!

In a whirlwind tour spanning more than 32,000 miles, African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) Chairman Omali Yeshitela spoke at 26 events in 15 cities between May and October this year building for the Party’s Sixth Congress which will be held Dec. 7-11 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Kicking off the 2013 One Africa! One Nation! One Party Tour, the Chairman gave the keynote presentation at African Liberation Day (ALD) held on the campus of Howard University on May 25.

A few days later, Chairman Omali departed for Paris, France, where for the second year in a row he rallied African people from throughout France and Europe to come together with African people everywhere to unite and liberate Africa, the birthright of African people everywhere.

The Chairman’s passionate call for African liberation at the June 1 ALD event in Paris brought Africans to their feet in a standing ovation. ALD Paris was sponsored by members of the African Socialist International (ASI) there.

Along with his entourage—including ASI Secretary General Luwezi Kinshasa, Deputy Chairwoman Ona Zene’ Yeshitela and African People’s Solidarity Committee Chairwoman Penny Hess—the Chairman traveled from Paris to Cologne, Germany speaking to an enthusiastic audience of Africans and Europeans.

The Cologne event was held on June 4 and hosted by International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement member Matos Kaumba and other members of the ASI and Uhuru Movement.

From Cologne, Chairman Omali went to Berlin, speaking at Humboldt University on June 6 and then on to Stockholm, Sweden for an event on June 8 hosted by ASI members Makda Yohannes, Fosia Aqli and Sabrin Ibrahim.

On his return to St. Petersburg, FL, Chairman Omali rallied the audience at the Uhuru Solidarity Movement national convention on June 15.

For the next few weeks, Chairman Omali concentrated on writing the political report to the Party’s Sixth Congress—a brilliant theoretical and political document of more than 250 pages—in addition to carrying out his countless other responsibilities as the head of the Party, the ASI and the Black is Back Coalition.

Throughout all his tour events, the Chairman expounded on some of the profound concepts that he developed in his political report. Download the Chairman’s Political Report at

By July 13, the Chairman was back in motion—this time traveling to Oakland, CA where he gave the keynote presentation to a lively audience at the 25th anniversary banquet of the Oakland Uhuru Furniture store, one of the Party’s longest running institutions.

A week later, Chairman Omali spoke and exhibited his books at the Harlem Book Fair in New York, speaking later that night to an enthusiastic audience at Harlem’s St. Mary’s Church on July 20. On the next day the Chairman spoke at a very appreciative crowd at the Source of Knowledge bookstore in Newark, NJ.

The Northeast U.S. events were sponsored by InPDUM and APSP members in the region including Waleeah Brooks, Ushindi Watu and InPDUM president Diop Olugbala.

The Chairman returned to Harlem, NY on August 17 and 18 as the keynote speaker for the Black is Back conference, also held at St. Mary’s Church. On August 24, the Chairman was back in St. Petersburg for the Black August event sponsored by the Party’s Department of Agitation and Propaganda headed up by Comrade Dedan Sankara.

In September, Chairman Omali was brought to Memphis, TN for successful events on the 20th and 21st sponsored by Sister Ayodele Kofi.

On October 3, the Chairman spoke in Milwaukee, WI at an event hosted by AAPDEP member Nate Gilliam, leaving there for Chicago where he spoke at two dynamic events sponsored by the InPDUM branch there.

Ron Gochez, Union del Barrio member and city council candidate, brought the Chairman to Los Angeles for an event on October 10. On October 13, the Chairman spoke in Oakland, CA at the Day in Solidarity with African People sponsored by Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

From Oakland, the Chairman traveled to San Diego for events put on by Uhuru Solidarity Movement member Wendy Craig and InPDUM member Jah Sun Kine on October 16 and 17.

On October 22, Chairman Omali was back in Washington, DC as the keynote speaker for a conference at Howard University, a trip hosted by Howard graduate student and Uhuru Movement member Chioma Oruh.

The Day in Solidarity with African People event in St. Petersburg on Oct. 24 rounded out the Chairman’s 2013 tour.

The Chairman is now booking speaking dates for 2014 and is preparing to present his powerful and groundbreaking political report to the Party’s Congress, which opens in St. Petersburg on December 7. Register for this historic Party Congress at


Forward to the Sixth Congress of the APSP!


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