Chairman Omali Yeshitela leads study on the Uhuru Movement’s position on marijuana, alcohol and other drugs

Join this study and discussion led by Chairman Omali Yeshitela about the Uhuru Movement’s position on marijuana, alcohol and other drugs, via live videocast on Sunday, May 11 at 4pm EDT.

Listen and participate on the Live Video page.

All over the planet, wherever African people are located we are catching hell. Our labor, resources, our land and our culture are stolen and plundered. Everything we have, create and produce benefits Euro-America and many others while we starve and suffer under repression, poverty and war.

The only thing that will save us and build our own African nation is the African Revolution under the leadership of the African working class. The revolution must be led by a cadre force of the African Socialist International totally focused on the liberation of our people, regardless of the personal price.

Our Party is committed to building such a force to unite and liberate Africa and African people by any means necessary. We cannot leave this struggle for another generation.

Where do drugs of all sorts stand in relation to this goal?

Discussion will include:

  • The African Revolution of the '60s
  • The counterinsurgency and drugs used by imperialism
  • The U.S prison gulag, drugs and African people
  • What is a Party of the African working class?
  • What is a cadre of the Party?
  • Marijuana legalization
  • Why we are drug-free
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