Burning Spear Media Telethon successful!

ST PETERSBURG, FL–It could be extremely difficult for us to own anything, unless we support our own.
The Uhuru Radio Network studio at the Movement’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida was
the scene of the 2-day Burning Spear Media Telethon, on November 15th & 16th, 2014.
The Telethon  raised funds for the Agitation and Propaganda (Agit-Prop) Department which is the umbrella Organization of Uhuru Radio, Uhuru News and the Burning Spear newspaper – the longest running Black Power Journal in publication since the 1960’s.
The raised funds were also earmarked toward our new Low Power FM Radio station that will be located in Florida.
Four new programs, to be aired on Uhuru Radio, were launched, during the Telethon,: (a) Great Moments in African History (b) Report from Sweden with Makda Yohannes and Sia Aqli (c) Common Ground with Alex Jordann Darby and (d) Revolutionary Health and Fitness with John Thomas.
Volunteers are an integral part of the Uhuru Movement, and I would like to personally salute Jevon Gammon who flew in from Chicago and took on the task and responsibility as Chief Engineer during the Telethon. Coordinator Sandra Forest was exhausted at the end of Day-2, but she was extremely pleased with the outcome of her efforts.
Chairman Omali Yeshitela, founder of the African Peoples Socialist Party, opened the Telethon along with this writer on Caribbean Forum, the program that kicked off the 2-Day fundraiser.
He expressed his gratitude and confidence of the work the entire team invested in preparation for the Telethon.
Build Burning Spear Media!
The Chairman, who availed himself throughout the two days, was thoroughly moved by the diversity of the programming, the professionalism that was evident and in closing after Day 2, again expressed his appreciation for the response received from the viewing and listening audience.
Even though we fell short of our goal of $10,000.00 by $5,420.00, we are confident that with the improvement of the quality of our broadcast equipment, Uhuru News and The Burning Spear newspaper, one can be assured that Burning Spear Media is the alternative to white-owned, imperialist media.
You can always log on to uhurunews.com and continue to support Burning Spear Media by clicking on the “Donate” button and making a conscious contribution to independent, African media at its best.
We will accept in-kind gifts, such as broadcast and office equipment (microphones, mixing boards, computers, laser printers, etc.), in addition to monetary donations.
As the Manager of Uhuru Radio, I would like to encourage you to join our team, especially if you are skilled in facets of broadcasting. You can log on to uhururadio.com for further information.
We must tell our OWN stories! We must OWN and control our OWN media!
You must support the Uhuru Movement.


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