Build the revolutionary Party in Bahamas!

The following statement was sent by the Secretary-General of the African Socialist International to the conference to build the African People’s Socialist Party-Bahamas which is being held in Nassau, Bahamas on April 6-9, 2012.

Long live the African revolution in the Caribbean!

We salute all our comrades who have worked tirelessly to make this event happen in Nassau.

We salute all of you, who are working to bring the African toiling masses to political life.

We salute with both pride and excitement the awakening of the African workers in the Bahamas and in the Caribbean.

We salute comrades Charo and Alex for carrying the flag of the African Socialist International (ASI) in the Caribbean.

We salute our Chairman, Omali Yeshitela, whose 40 years of dedicated and uncompromising leadership has brought us closer to the realization of a single, united revolutionary party of the African working class, without which there cannot be a worldwide African revolution.

All members and supporters of the ASI will be looking at our conference in Nassau, which is the new beginning for African revolution in the region. This conference marks the beginning of an end to the isolation of African workers’ and peasants’ struggle. Our people will no longer fight in isolation. There is no longer a Bahamian struggle, Haitian struggle, Trinidadian struggle, but there is one African struggle, separated by imperialist borders to keep us oppressed and poor.

The ASI is an imperialist border buster! The African worker, armed with African Internationalism, is now capable of reaching out to Africans everywhere to reclaim our freedom, self-determination and future in our own hands, to build a future for ourselves.

The flag independence can no longer offer cover to neocolonialism in Africa, the Caribbean or anywhere else. Imperialist-imposed poverty and industrial underdevelopment continue to reach new low points. The people can never see a future under the neocolonial banner, except the tiny minority of the petty bourgeois rulers who are rewarded with lifestyles not unlike the ones of the affluent classes in oppressor countries.

Real independence must mean real freedom. It is self-determination. It is the power of the international African working class over imperialism. It is the death of imperialism. It is the end of neocolonial states and borders.

Our most eminent task is to give the people the organizational tool to make the revolution. It is the revolution that creates the African workers’ power! We are calling on our people in the conference hall, in the city and throughout the Bahamian islands to join and build the African People’s Socialist Party in the Bahamas today!

It is our time!

From Africa to the Americas! African future in our own hands!


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