Break the Silence Campaign on genocide, war and the balkanization of Congo

LONDON – The Walk Against Genocide in the Congo is to mobilize the international African community and all the democratic forces of the world to oppose the genocidal war and war conditions that have been imposed on African people in Congo.
This war totals 45,000 deaths per month, is the cause of displacement for 1.5 million internally displaced people in our own land and is the cause of death for over six million people since April 1994.
In addition, more than 400,000 African women are brutally raped per year.
The Walk is scheduled to begin at 1:30pm at Edmonton and will end at Seven Sisters at 3:30pm British Summer Time on Saturday October 6, 2012.
The Walk Against Genocide is part of the effort of the We Are Patrice Lumumba Coalition to mobilize all genuine peace loving people to take a stand on the side of the people of Congo, the primary victims of the U.S., EU and UK sponsored, most murderous proxy wars of our time.
This humanitarian disaster has its immediate origin in the U.S. and French rivalry to control Africa and the subsequent French Operation Turquoise.
This operation, in violation of international laws and norms, organized the transfer of the defeated Hutu Rwandan army into Congo in 1994.
The U.S. then sponsored the Tutsi Rwandan and Ugandan proxy army’s invasion of Congo to replace the disposable neocolonial regime of Mobutu by Laurent Kabila.
Laurent Kabila was assassinated four years later and replaced by his son, Joseph.
The more concessions and give-aways to imperialism that Joseph Kabila continues to make, the more imperialists are ready steal.
U.S.-led imperialism continues in Congo with more killing, more rapings, more looting and the balkanization of Congo.
Why this war is happening
The war in Congo is not a senseless war as the media usually portrays it.
It is an imperialist war for the looting of Africa’s resources and the genocidal mass murder of our people to force us to submit to imperialist violence, oppression, and exploitation.
The world's modern electronic industry is largely based on the theft of the mineral coltan from the Congo, which is used in the manufacture of I phones, I pads, X boxes, Nintendos, laptops, and other computer devices.
These mineral resources are stolen at gunpoint from Congo and they are bloody resources.
The U.S. and French military aide to the Rwandan and Ugandan armies are soaking Africa in blood.
There is a new awakening of African people everywhere.
In Congo, South Africa, and Guyana and even in imperialist centres like Brussels, Paris, and St. Petersburg, Florida, this African awakening is seeing itself as one billion strong and is willing to fight for freedom.
These are the new forces of resistance, convinced that it is our own determination, organization and unity that will win against the forces of genocide and parasitic capitalism that will end the genocide in the Congo and throughout the African world.  
What can you do?
Attend the Walk Against Genocide, tell your friends and invite them to attend.
Demand the closure of all foreign military bases in Africa; they are in Africa to create wars against African people.
Sign the petition
Join or donate to the Break the Silence Campaign
The Break the Silence Campaign is an international campaign organized by Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice and Reparations to end all wars on Africa and African people everywhere.
We are Patrice Lumumba Coalition
Phone number: 07862 294 364


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