Bolivia’s Evo Morales at the UN: Take the U.S. to the Tribunal of the People!

New York CityOn September 25, 2013 at the United Nations General Assembly, Bolivian President Evo Morales took to the stage and issued a withering denunciation of U.S. imperialism and its current neocolonial figurehead, Barack Hussein Obama, for crimes against humanity.

Citing the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Obama’s illustrious track record of genocidal military invasions, President Morales said, “I want to propose that we think seriously about constituting a ‘Tribunal of the People’ with international bodies and the large defenders of human rights to begin a lawsuit against the Obama government.”

In the same week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Marduro ordered the expulsion of a high-ranking U.S. diplomat and two other embassy officials from Venezuela for conspiring with the reactionary opposition to subvert the Bolivarian Republic.

“Get out of Venezuela,” said President Marduro in a televised statement. “Yankee go home! Enough of abuses against the dignity of a homeland that wants peace!”

Morales’s and Marduro’s statements against U.S. imperialism are evidence of growing unwillingness of the world’s oppressed nations to submit to U.S. hegemony. 

Not even the corridors of white imperialism—such as the general assembly meetings of the imperialist-controlled United Nations—are safe from the intensifying voices of the world’s oppressed.

Despite its misleading name, the “United Nations” is not meant to receive the voices of forces like Marduro, Morales or other independent non-white leaders. In fact, Marduro was not able to attend the meeting because of a plot by the U.S. to prohibit his entry into the U.S.

Based on the palpable atmosphere of white nationalist hostility in the UN meetings, Evo Morales urged the UN to relocate its meetings out of the U.S., suggesting Brazil as an alternative.

Like the IMF and the World Bank, the UN is an instrument of U.S. imperialism. It was ushered into existence by U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940s after the U.S. failed to exercise its dominance over the League of Nations.

According to the history of the UN on the United States Department of State website, “Roosevelt believed the United States needed to play a leading role both in the creation of the organization, and in the organization itself.”

The term “United Nations” was coined in a meeting between Roosevelt and the genocidal British imperialist Winston Churchill as a term to describe the so-called “Allied powers” in the second imperialist war.

 In the year of its founding, the entire non-white world was under direct white colonial domination.

The UN’s founding was predicated on the false assumption by the imperialists that the colonialist world order would last to infinity.

Evo Morales’ efforts to upstage the imperialists in their own theatre continue an historical tradition in the anti-colonial movement wherein colonized freedom fighters have attempted to use the UN against the interests of white power.

The stance taken by forces like Morales, and Chavez before him, represent a re-emergence of the anti-colonial resistance that characterized the period of the 1960s. In the 1960s, the height of national liberation movements delivered numbers of newly independent entities into the general assembly, where colonized people used as a platform.

This was a period where even Malcolm X was advancing a strategy to present the case of the oppression of Africans in the U.S. before the United Nations.

Many of the conventions and laws regarding international rights were developed during this period. However, with the general defeat of the liberation movements and the consolidation of neo-colonialism or “white power in black face,” it was not long before the UN returned to its intended mission as an imperialist tool for world domination.

Morales issued his statements at the same podium from which the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in 2006, called George W. Bush the devil and commented that the microphone “smells of sulfur still.”

The United States white ruling class media arrogantly characterizes the righteous resistance of the Venezuelan and Bolivian governments as “defiant behaviors,” failing to recognize—as Chairman Omali Yeshitela explains—”the general historical trend manifested in specific events,” such as the rise of Morales, Chavismo, the expulsion of U.S. diplomats from Venezuela, etc.

The anti-imperial repositioning of Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua and others damage the ability of the U.S. and Europe to resume their centuries-old blood-feast upon the resources of Latin America.

The African People’s Socialist Party extends its revolutionary solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of Latin America for sovereignty and independence from U.S. colonial rule. The APSP has developed relationships with the government of Venezuela and hosted its labor attaché, Marcos Garcia, at the 5th Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party in DC of 2010.

On December 7-11, the APSP will be holding its historic 6th Congress in St. Petersburg, FL.

Unlike the UN, the 6th Congress is the genuine vehicle for revolutionary democracy of the colonized African working class, the highest meeting body of the African People’s Socialist Party and all of its constituent organizations.

All Africans, allies, progressive, anti-imperialist, and revolutionary forces of all nationalities from throughout the world are invited to register and attend the 6th Congress of the APSP.

Long live the struggle against imperialism!

Victory to the people of Bolivia and Venezuela!

Forward to the 6th Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party!


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