Black Power 96.3 FM radio station thanks you!

The Uhuru Movement’s Black Power 96.3 FM radio station in St. Petersburg, Florida has a lot to celebrate! The July Supporting Member Fund Drive exceeded its $7,000 goal.

The festivities included an online concert featuring local St. Pete artists and Gerald Alston of the Manhattans, all contributing their talents to support the community station.

Volunteers from around the world

The station’s creative team is growing, with volunteers ranging in age from 14 to 64. Some live around the block while others volunteer their time from the other side of the globe.

The free training provided by Black Power 96 is giving many of these volunteers their first opportunity to do professional radio voiceovers and audio editing.

Black Power 96’s weekly “Local Going Global” contest continues to give radio exposure to the many talented unsigned artists in the black community.

Salute to the success of some of the Local Going Global winners, including Madam Trauma who recently signed with a distribution company and Bus Stop Band who can now be heard on Pandora.

New programs

This Spring Black Power 96 added three new programs to our line-up:

  • Local favorite DJ Heavy Love returned to Black Power 96 with his popular “Southern Soul Express” every Thursday at 3pm-5pm ET
  • Radio veteran Mike Townes has brought his innovative “Cool Jazz” show to Black Power 96, airing on Sundays at 5pm ET.
  • Novice talk show host Robin Harris produced several dynamic episodes of “Talk Black” before she had to pause her show while she campaigns for elected office in Orlando, Florida.

Syndication and podcasting

Two of Black Power 96’s locally produced programs have begun to reach a worldwide audience, through podcasting and syndication on other community radio stations:

  • The People’s War show airs Thursdays at 5pm ET, bringing an African Internationalist perspective to the news of the day.
  • Reparations in Action airs Fridays at 3-4pm ET with it’s special series called “White Lies Shattered”.

Critical source of info

Black Power 96 continues to provide the most reliable information on how our community can protect ourselves from the coronavirus pandemic and keeps local listeners informed with vital weather and safety information during Florida’s hurricane season.

Black Power 96 radio is a project of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund, the baddest nonprofit on the planet.

Black Power 96 is not just explaining the world, it’s changing it—with your support!

Thank You!

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