Black is Back Call for International Day of Action against imperialist wars on Africa and African people

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is calling for an International Day of Action Against Imperialist Wars Against Africa and African People Worldwide.
The Call responds to a resolution unanimously adopted at the coalition’s National Conference on The Other Wars, held in Washington, D.C. on March 26 and attended by an array of Africans representing various ideological,political views and organizations from throughout the U.S., with other participants from Canada, England, Congo, Haiti and the Bahamas.
August 20 was chosen because it is the birthday weekend of Marcus Garvey who was born on August 17 and, who more than anyone, came to symbolize the need for international action by African people to win our liberation.
The International Day of Action Against Imperialist Wars Against Africa and African People Worldwide is a response to the relentless imperialist aggressions against African people everywhere—in Africa and in places where Africans were forcibly dispersed throughout the world during the process of slavery and colonialism, which resulted in the emergence of capitalism as the dominant world economy.
On August 20, the African community of the world will register our condemnation of and resistance to the wars being made against our people and our freedom everywhere.
We will oppose the heinous bombing of Libya and the violent attempt to overthrow that government.
We will oppose the Colonial Pact that France extorts from its victims in the 14 neocolonial African states, which are forced to give up 65 percent of their foreign reserves to France’s treasury with other fees added on, which results in the theft of 85 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of those ill-formed states.
We will demand an end to the presence of AFRICOM and the host of other imperialist’s institutions that prop up neocolonialism in Africa and functions to prevent revolutionary transformation.
We will oppose the poverty and despair imposed on our people throughout South America, where Africans are being pushed from land in communities once previously ceded to us in some places and where we are forced to live in barely habitable slums in others.
We will oppose the brutality and starvation being inflicted on our people in Haiti by the UN, functioning as an arm of U.S. policy that has historically wrung blood and profits from the lives of our people there.
We will oppose the police murders and mass incarceration of Africans in the U.S., where slavery has really never ended and where Africans from Africa and throughout the world are denied entry visas that might impact the population ratio to our benefit.


We will stand up against police harassment and anti-immigration terror in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, England and throughout all of Europe, which enriched and developed itself through slavery and colonialism and now demonizes us as criminals and economic burdens.
We will hold actions all over the world in opposition to the largely unrecognized wars being waged against Our People and Our Africa.
Where we are capable of doing so, we will hold marches and rallies; in other places we will conduct forums and teach-ins.

August 20th International Day of Action Against the Wars on Africa and African People

Black is Back demands that the world recognizes the Other Wars
The combined weight of our collective actions internationally will raise the consciousness of our people to the nature of our struggle and the need to resist our common conditions of oppression and exploitation.
We will also demand that the world recognizes the significance of the wars being made against our people everywhere, that peace and anti-war activists go beyond the simple cry for peace and take sides in the struggle against imperialism by supporting our just struggle for social justice, peace and reparations.
Today, imperialism is using a policy of permanent war to respond to a crisis of historical proportion, as the various peoples of the world are successfully challenging the parasitic capitalist world economy that requires the exploitation of Africans and other subject peoples for its continued existence.
Peace movements and organizations in Europe and North America, among other places, have organized against particular wars in response to this crisis.
In most instances, however, these movements do not actively oppose the wars being made against Africa and Africans.
These movements are mostly silent as the Obama regime and European imperialists have united in a brutal, genocidal attack on Libya in North Africa.
The Black is Back Coalition recognizes that in the ghettos, barrios and concentration camps called Indian reservations of the U.S., colonized people have also historically been invisible to peace and anti-war activists within the white communities of Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere.
Examples such as Attorney Lynne Stewart, the African People’s Solidarity Committee and Uhuru Solidarity Movement in the U.S. have been commendable exceptions to the general trend within the peace movement.
The Coalition also salutes the United National Antiwar Committee that has come out in support of this International Day of Action.
A call for Africans and allies to join International Day of Action
We call on other European and North American activists to emulate this stance by joining and/or supporting the August 20 International Day of Action Against Imperialist Wars Against Africa and African People Worldwide.
This is a call to Africans and peoples of the world to join the International Day of Action Against Imperialist Wars Against Africa and African People Worldwide by holding demonstrations at U.S., European and other imperialist’s embassies (including Canada and Australia) in opposition to the actions of their respective governments against the interests of Africans domestically or abroad.
This Call encourages African and other activists to demonstrate opposition to specific colonial wars being waged against our people in Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Congo, Eritrea, Haiti, Colombia and a host of other places where imperialist brutality is being inflicted upon African people with impunity and where fledgling resistance movements go unnoticed and unsupported.
This Call demands the recognition of the conditions of existence for Africans suffering oppression within the imperialist countries such as the U.S., Canada, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and throughout Europe, as forms of domestic or internal colonialism that is tantamount to a form of undeclared war.
This is also a call to:
  1. Organize an action in your area and send information to the Coalition giving details of when, where and the nature of the action;
  2. Raise the legitimate demand of Africa for the Africans, at home and abroad;
  3. Donate money to the organizing efforts of the BIBC;
  4. Host a BIBC representative in your area;
  5. Join the Black is Back Coalition;
  6. Support the resistance to the wars against Africa and African people wherever we may be.


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