Benefit for Efia Nwangaza

South Carolina – Greenville’s Black leadership is calling on local churches and civic organizations to rally in tribute and aid of human rights organizer Efia Nwangaza, the Malcolm X Center and WMXP/95.5fm Community Radio, which she founded.
The Church and Community Benefit will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 5:00pm, Tabernacle Baptist Church.
The Tribute will feature gospel music, praise dance, acknowledgment of her community service and a “Christian-Giving March of Presentations.”
The Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination ( ), a volunteer grassroots, community based, volunteer staffed, owned and operated action center, since 1991, serves as a non-profit, public space for developing, testing, training and implementation of approaches to popular education, strategic planning, and communications skill enhancement for human rights, self-determination, self-advocacy and wide ranging performing and organizing skill development.
WMXP-LP 95.5 FM – The Voice of the People,, is a community based, volunteer programmed, listener and local business supported non-commercial educational radio station.
Its mission is to give voice to the voiceless with local music, local talk, local news, and local people doing local programming.
The Breakfast Leadership Group is a broad based coalition of religious and civic organizations. It includes elected, appointed and volunteer leaders—professional and grassroots of all ages—who meet monthly to address issues that affect the African American community.
Its work has ranged from challenging the disproportionate expulsion of Black students to challenging recent redistricting.
We have lost far too many of our Black institutions, businesses, and non-profit groups in the past! Today, we ask for your help in saving these two institutions, and keeping these valuable assets to our community alive.
No contribution is too small! All contributions are tax deductible. Please make your tax deductible check payable to: Community Aid & Development, Inc: Malcolm X Center / WMXP Radio.
For more detailed information, please contact Sister Brenda Murray, Program Coordinator at 864-630-5529 or by E-mail at
All proceeds used for community services and programming.
Sponsored by Greenville Breakfast Leadership Group
Brenda Murray, Coordinator     864-630-5529
Leola Robinson Simpson, Asst. 864-354-4127
Rev. Oliver T. Hill,DD, Chair   864-270-0260
Efia Nwangaza                          864-901-8627


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