Banks poised to steal more wealth from African workers in Detroit!

African public workers in De­troit got another bitter slap in the face Tuesday, December 3, 2013.
The colonial U.S. federal court ruled that the city of Detroit will not have to honor its commitment to its workers’ pensions as it pro­ceeds with the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.
More than 23,000 retired city workers—twice the number of people who are currently em­ployed by the city—stand to lose 40 or 50 percent or more of their pensions. Many will struggle to survive and lose their homes.
For Detroit’s African working class—many of whom served the city of Detroit for more than 30 years—this is another blatant theft of our labor and resources by the colonial masters.
Neocolonial sell-out president Barack Hussein Obama happily gave more than $13 trillion in tax­payers’ money to bail out the su­per-rich white-power bankers of Wall Street.
The Bush and Obama admin­istrations gave the white-owned auto industry an $80 billion bail­out. But Obama has made it clear that African workers in Detroit will get no bailout from the U.S. gov­ernment!
Once a vibrant predominately African city known for black power and dynamic African culture, De­troit was built on African labor in the U.S. auto industry.
For many years, work in car factories provided millions of Afri­cans with the possibility of a stable financial future for them and their children.
Today, Detroit lays in sham­bles with only 700,000 people in a city that once bustled with 1.8 mil­lion people—nearly 90 percent of whom were African.
A mere 40 percent of De­troit’s streetlights and a third of the city’s ambulances are functioning. Whole residential neighborhoods lay crumbling without city services including lights and water.
Detroit’s abandoned fac­tories, schools and high rise office buildings look like some­thing out of a futuristic sci-fi movie in which terrified inhabit­ants had to quickly flee a lethal catastrophe.
In fact, the world’s greatest catastrophe is parasitic capital­ism, built on the backs of Afri­can and oppressed workers. Parasitic, blood sucking capi­talism is now in a severe crisis due to the resistance of oppressed peoples all over the planet.
After Detroit went into bank­ruptcy earlier this year, Rick Sny­der, the white Republican gover­nor of Michigan took over Detroit’s elected city government.
Snyder installed neocolonial sell-out Kevyn Orr as the Emer­gency Manager of Detroit to guard the interests of the bankers and elite at the expense of the African working class.
Anyone who believes that Af­rican people are citizens of the United States or that we should use the hyphenated name “Af­rican-American” better wake up and see the truth!
To paraphrase Malcolm X: “I’m neither a Democratic nor a Repub­lican, and I sure ain’t no American, and got sense enough to know it.”
Look around you. Nearly half a century after our fathers and mothers waged a life and death struggle for power over our own lives and an end to this violent co­lonial tyranny, the conditions in the African community are worse than ever.
Nearly half our children grow up poor and hungry. Almost 60 percent of our young people can’t find a job.
Every year three or four mil­lion of us are stuffed into colonial prison system in order to provide jobs and profit for white corpora­tions and communities. And every 26 hours another one of us is shot down by the police on the brutal streets of America.
The United States of America would not exist without the geno­cidal theft of this land from the Na­tive people and the rape of Africa that chained and enslaved us; stealing our labor, our freedom, our culture and our land.
Our stolen labor built the wealth of America and Europe. Now it is time to unite and liberate Africans and Africa. Use our labor to build for ourselves as a free and independent people under the leadership of the African working class.
We have stood up in Detroit once before, and we will stand up again.
Build the African People’s So­cialist Party—the only future for African workers whether in De­troit, Haiti or Johannesburg!
African workers and peasants of the world unite to liberate Africa!


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