Bahamas’ Africans United Coalition to hold Rally and March in Commemoration of National Heroes’ Day

The Africans United Coalition will hold a rally and march on Friday, October 14 under the slogan “Discover OUR Heroes! Forget Columbus!” The rally will begin at 12pm at the Southern Recreation Grounds Basketball Court (in the rear of C.R. Walker High School) between Blue Hill Road and Market Street North. The march will leave the grounds at 2:30pm.

The intention of the rally and march is to encourage Bahamians to challenge the Eurocentric history that we’ve been taught by exposing Columbus’ role in the genocide of the Lucayos — the native peoples of these islands. Speakers at the event will also show how Columbus and the Europeans who followed laid the foundation for an oppressive world capitalist system. This will allow people to properly understand the origins of our society and what we know as the “modern world”.

The rally and march will also seek to influence the entire process of nation-building by raising up the voices of the oppressed and re-telling their stories of resistance. The aim is to validate and popularize those who have created a more just and equitable society by fighting for our freedom as opposed to elevating Christopher Columbus and the violent domination that he represents.

Speakers at the rally will include: Alex Morley of the African People’s Socialist Party-Bahamas, Sarah Stubbs, Ali Reid of the Nation of Islam, Ras Jamal of the Organization of African Unity-Bahamas, Priest Zaccario of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress, Charo Walker of the African People’s Socialist Party-Bahamas, Clint Brown of the Organization of African Unity-Bahamas, Jah Blyden of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress, Ena Reid of the Nation of Islam, Cleaveland Eneas II of the Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah and many others.

There will also be performances by Jah Doctrine, Jean Cage, Richard Dorsett and Danyie’l Cinque.

The March will end at the Southern Recreation Grounds where there will be a wrap-up session until 5pm.

The Africans United Coalition is a newly formed coalition established April 10, 2011 comprised of over 15 organizations and individuals from various political and ideological persuasions. It is guided by nine resolutions and its overall goal is to improve the living conditions of African people in the Bahamas and around the world. It is also committed to the total liberation of Africa and African people everywhere.



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