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Oswald Hanciles


Sierra Leone neocolonial politics will never be same with launch of APSP and its tenacious leadership!

Over a 50 year period, new political parties would rear their heads to wrestle power from the SLPP/APC – the PNP; NUP, PDP, UNPP, GAPP, PMDC, etc. It has been a largely futile effort, as almost all these other parties would be disgraced in the polls, and slink into oblivion. A new political party, still in its embryonic stage, is determined to challenge this SLPP/APC dominance. Until a Congress of the party slated for November 2009, the tentative name of this new party is the “African People’s Socialist Party” of Sierra Leone (APSP). Recently, I met with the Interim Leader, and soul, of the APSP, 31-year-old Chernoh Alpha Muhamed Bah.

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