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Fidel Castro


The lesson of Haiti

Editor's Note: Today's digital version of Granma International from Cuba carries this latest piece from former Cuban president Fidel Castro on the situation in Haiti. "The lesson of Haiti" reflects the strong bonds of internationalism between the Africans of Haiti and the people of Cuba.

Nothing can be improvised in Haiti

Editor's note: The following statement was made by Fidel Castro on May 24, 2009.

Fidel Castro reflects on Juan Almeida Bosque, African leader in the Cuban revolution

I have been watching for hours now on television the tribute that the entire country is paying to Commander of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque. I think that facing death was for him just another duty as so many others he discharged throughout his life. He did not know neither did we how much sadness the news of his physical absence would bring to us.

Fidel Castro on Honduras: What must be demanded of the United States

The meeting in Costa Rica did not lead and could not lead to peace. The people of Honduras are not at war; only the...

Fidel Castro: Honduras, Lo que debe demandarse a Estados Unidos

La reunión de Costa Rica no conducía ni podía conducir a la paz. El pueblo de Honduras no está en guerra, solo los golpistas...

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