Attacks against Africans is colonial oppression, not “Afrophobia!!”

On Sunday, Sept 8, 2013 in Malmö, Sweden an African man and his 18 month-old son were out walking when they were attacked by a white mob.
After being called, “a black bastard,” the mob began attacking Yusupha Sallah, a native of Gambia. Surrounded on a bridge, Sallah fought to protect his son, Yunus, against a reported mob of more than 10 people.
The mob threatened to kill his child as they attempted to throw Sallah from the bridge. Sallah clung to the railing. The height of the bridge was nearly two stories. The brutal attack only stopped when the mob heard the sirens of the approaching police cars.
The members of the mob remain unidentified and unapprehended. Sallah sustained extensive injuries from the beating, however the condition of young Yunus remains unknown.
These kinds of attacks are taking place all over the world.
In Dallas, TX, on Sept 3rd, a white nationalist 46-year-old murderer fired bullets into the face of an 8-year-old African boy, Donald Maiden Jr., who had just celebrated his birthday.
An African man in Brussels was brutally attacked by the police and they urinated on him in front of his mother. He ended up in coma as a result of the attack.
We have a situation here in Sweden where many people and different “anti-racist” / left organizations call these kinds of attacks “Afrophobia.”  It sounds very similar to the term arachnophobia – a fear of eight legged animals. We are not spiders. We are Africans! It is a question of colonial violence. This is not a question of any kind of phobia, neither a question about racism, but a question of colonial oppression.
These different attacks that Africans and other oppressed peoples face is part of a long ongoing history of colonial violence. This violence is necessary in order for imperialism to survive.  Sometimes it is done by the state in the form of police and other times it is done by regular white people, but its purpose is the same – to keep Africans in ‘our place’ – subjugated and exploited.
These kinds of attacks are growing more today as people around the world are struggling to take control over their own lives, creating crisis for the white empire that has lived off of our stolen labor and resources so long.
If we want an end to these attacks it is our responsibility to protect and defend our own, by organizing for power! We need to organize for power so that we will be capable of community control of housing, schools and the economy.
InPDUM Stockholm is calling on every African in Stockholm and surrounding areas into our organization. You can help us to distribute leaflets, write articles, donations, contribute with any skills you may have, everything from writing, cooking, computer programming. Every skilled African must come into our organization, so that we can become self-sufficient and not dependent on white power.
We call on every African in Sweden to join InPDUM! If we are ever to see a change in our lives, we need to struggle for power and not acceptance from our oppressors. We cannot “solve” racism, and we have not been able to do so for over 500 years. What we need to change is the power relationship, between those who have and those who aint got!


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